Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Daily Notes- October 27th- Another Cold Rainy Day.

 A stop to return and pick up a book at the library and a very quick check of the discards cart.....found a very large heavy book on French Vintage Decorating.  Loads of pictures.  I like the wall here.  Sort of a patchwork. 

I have a chair like this in the attic.  My dad redid the seat padding, springs and backing but I need to add the decorative fabric.  My dad taught himself to do all sorts of things.  He did a beautiful job and that old "side of the road chair" is looking very elegant.  Waiting for her fancy dress.

If I finish the chair and have it down here in the living room- I will have something to remind me of him- every day.  That's a Good Thing.

No mice.  Didn't get much sleep last night.  No idea why but perhaps too wound up regarding mice. I also have something stuck in the gums around one of my bottom teeth- I can't get it.

So, I am exhausted this morning.  A late visit to library and then grocery. Husband drove because it's raining. Grocery shopping on a Wednesday isn't the best day to shop.  Not as many people but not as many filled shelves either.  I had to buy half and half instead of coffee cream.  And it was the last pint of half and half.  I got a backup jar of instant coffee.  I just needed the "assurance" of a cup of coffee in November and December. 

I finally found Romaine lettuce with healthy green spines.  No BROWN.  No Sick Yellow spines. Delighted to think about a nice Romaine and Swiss cold sandwich.  With lots of mayo. Two additional spaghetti prepared dinner for husband.  We're good for 5 days.  Six if he'll eat the frozen chicken parm I got as a "test".  I should have looked for a bag of imported rice.  But wasn't on the list.  I go by the list.

Now...the Sports shows with the sound down- it annoys husband-- and possibly falling asleep??????

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