Thursday, October 28, 2021

Daily Notes- October 28th. Slept well. TruGreen fertilized neighbor's yard--not mine.

 Another vintage French Chair.   The layout of the pictures in the book is strange- as this photo is a prime example.  What were they trying to tell the viewer???   Would have been better sans orchid.

Some logistic issues with the screen.  Either too wide or too narrow and then going to another page.

The woman I spoke to regarding the lawn treatment being done at the wrong address- was done with an English as a second language representative.  I think she may have actually been speaking to me from a call center- perhaps in India.  I find it difficult to interpret a sing song language- beautiful to listen to but hard to understand over the phone- I do fine in person- reading the person's facial expressions. Clues to verbal content.

I have books to pick up at the library.  Husband has asked for Dune.  But I am thinking it might be too much for him.  We'll see.  The screen here is doing many things while I type.  I had a problem starting out with the margins.  

So- sunshine today.  Lots of leaves down.  The annual containers have been "frosted" by over night freezing temps.  So....tons of outdoor work to be done. Tomorrow TruGreen might make a second visit. Or not...and I will ask for a refund of the 2021 fees.  Only one actual visit.

Sports isn't as entertaining now that they are discussing basketball and hockey.  I do not care about either and the content is repetitive and tedious.  There was a lively discussion of the Astro's much more blatant cheating in the first game- a greasy ponytail helping one pitcher with his suddenly much faster fast ball but the Braves seem oddly disinterested and discussion of Football trades- yawn..

So--library visit and then home again.  I have one load of washing to do and then some reading and perhaps a few edges sewn to one of the cloths hanging on the wall--waiting.  It might be Time for cloth-....... I continue to miss that old dog checking my work and resting his old body on my feet. Stitch and the dog- sort of went hand and body.  Tears come easily these days.

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