Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Daily Notes- Rain With Gusty Winds here in Maine. A Rain Bomb????

 Read Deb's comment on yesterday's post for a Reality Check.  OMG.   Anyway- husband and I worked (sort of) as a team and filled the holes where the old water lines connected to the old radiator system.  Entry points for mice.

The count was three dead and one alive.  Nothing this morning. And tons of stuff now in the recycle can or garbage.  It's incredible what accumulates in unused spaces.  Who actually needs 4 dozen empty washed jelly jars- no matter how cute they are with their little red and white checked lids.

But the petroleum mouse/rat killing foam- is also "not good" for humans with breathing issues or asthma.  We slept with windows open.  And husband managed to get the foam on his reading glasses and his best sweater and his plastic gloves...  I am actually quite good as an assistant.  I had clean up wipes, a trash container, a flashlight and other assorted things husband had no clue that he might need.  He didn't even do the one clean hand/one dirty hand thing you do with any messy job.

I watched a previously watched Christmas movie on Hallmark.  I passed on the new ones.  This was an oldie and was so weird... the next old one will be the Shoe Addict one.  She ends up in the past at different times with each pair of shoes.  There is actually a rom/com like this.  The woman in the book gets hit on the head and relives her life (several times) with different consequences. No shoes needed.

I missed out on all my afternoon sports talk shows.  No reading either.  I plan to do a better job today. Later in the evening I made a "toasted" cheese sandwich.  I was toasting bread- for toast- when I realized we had cheese (for the mouse traps) so I opened the toaster door and added cheese to the toast.  When it was all bubbly, I took the slices out, waited a bit and then layered on on the other to make the sandwich.

It was so much more wonderful than fried in the pan.  The cheese was all stretchy.  And it wasn't greasy. And I was in love with the toasted cheese sandwich.  Sigh.  Some days end better than they begin.

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Deb Lacativa said...

That is my go-to breakfast. Anything toasted - bread, bagels - with a slice of Colby added just as it comes from the toaster. Sometimes with a dollop of medium salsa. All this supposing there's no leftover pizza to toast. & coffee.