Friday, October 15, 2021

Daily Notes- October 15th. Cloudy.

 What I am working on. A few inches larger than a sheet of typing paper.  The bottom half is fine and the strips at the bottom are merely auditioning as I want to add borders..  I am not so sure of the brown strip at the top.  But the light is bad- it is dark in the house this morning. The leaves are appliquéd to the surface. Cut from a larger very wild fabric.

I have sewn things on and taken them off.  I have added borders and removed them.  All hand sewing. Time consuming which is why I am doing it.  To take up TIME.  Not watching news.  Sports shows are not as entertaining.  Hallmark is boring. Law and Order is boring.  Castle repeats are also boring- I once loved the show. We did watch the Tampa Bay game last night. And instead of Football Pizza we had cheesecake and coffee.

Reading- my eyes are dry- the house is dry- and my eyes are tired.  That was one of the reasons for the Sports Shows.  I could listen but not be using my eyes. Except to roll them at some of the dialogue.

This all began with a strip of cloth from a bag of scraps sent to me by Dee near Boston. It's directly above the center brown oval at the bottom.  Trying to make other cloth "play well" with that rectangle hasn't been easy.  But it has been something to do- something to try and solve. The embroidered white lines helped so very much-just as I was 99% ready to just give up.

What I have learned is that any cloth I have purchased -plays well with all the others I buy.  It seems to be internal rather than planned.  The new cloth from HoAnnes' has already collected three or four others that could be siblings.  I hadn't noticed them in the Magic Closet until this new cloth- was purchased.

That top brown strip.  Taking it off.  The easiest solution is a fourth border of the orange and brown ovals and pink dots. And possibly one more orange oval appliquéd above the white line near the top.

I looked and looked but not one polka dot fabric in magenta on cream.  But now that I think- there is one more tub of cloth.  Way back by the window. In the Magic Attic. Juvenile stuff.  For baby girl quilts.

The new cloth scraps sent by that sends things into a tail spin for awhile until I figure it out.  Another delicious cloth that came in the mail has attracted three of my own fabrics to it.  Magnetically. They are all very slightly similar so the trick will be to find other "not the same" fabrics to "make it work". Fabric Games are the Best Games- and the most frustrating.

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