Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Daily Notes- October 12th. Sunshine.

 View from the couch where I read books and watch sports commentary.  There used to be a framed watercolor over the desk but we took all the art off the walls when we got this room painted.  Just before COVID arrived in March to change us forever.

I think the watercolor is in the bookcase leaning against the wall.  I never replaced the shelving.  I did put the alcohol bottles back into the space minus shelves.  And all the cloth art is also gone.  Taken down and folded/rolled and put into the Attic.  And I never replaced any of the furniture.  No chairs- just two couches. No area rug.  Now...after almost 2.5 years of COVID- I just don't care anymore. I never SEE real live people.  I wave at neighbors as they walk past with their dogs.  But we don't stand close enough to talk.

Will it be like this forever?  Seems like it might.

I watched the Saints play football last night.  It's like a different game.  The way they play.  Sometimes way more physical.  Way more brutal.  But not boring and the game went past much faster than a regular football game- which most identifies with watching paint dry.  Of course baseball is still the best way to watch paint dry. Do you think the quarterback takes any info from the coaches????

I finished off the bag of Cheetos extra crunchy yesterday instead of having dinner.  I will have dinner today.  Promise.  I am out of yogurts and Cheetos and lettuce and cheese for a sandwich.  So I will have to eat the prepared meatloaf meal I bought.  Like a regular adult person.

I did hand press different pieces of cloth yesterday.  Pinning some to the dining room wall.  Just to have a look.  A few of them are prime contenders.  It's just a matter of deciding which direction I want to take. Or more so- where the cloth wants to go.  It hasn't been given what it wants yet.  so......keep looking.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Sometimes Cheetos for dinner is just good. I'm a fan.