Friday, October 01, 2021

Daily Notes- October One. A Chill in the Air.

 The September Desk Calendar.    I have five blanks in the first row of October.  I have the opportunity to make sort of a Desk Calendar Mural up there.  But, it's kind of difficult as the base of the desktop Apple sits rather heavily on top of the middle three squares.  I make adjustments all the time and it takes me awhile to get used to the screen being closer or farther away. Eye adjustments at 75 are slow. So slow.

I pulled a frozen ball of pizza dough out of the freezer to thaw.  For Football Pizza. Sunday.  I finished off my birthday ice cream last night and got a blob of chocolate on the front of my very very nice Eileen Fisher white linen shirt. I have sprayed it with stain spray and will be doing a load of wash when I finish here. Does that brand even exist anymore????  I might have a few other items from her but haven't seen them in ages.  A skirt, I think.  And a suit.  The skirt might still be in the Attic.  Not the Suit. GACK!

Here (the Boston networks- as Maine is seen as being a Suburb of Boston)) Much ado about Brady having COVID EYES.  He did look a bit odd and he sounded odd.  Brady having COVID might be the only way the Patriots win this thing.  But I have no doubt in my mind that the Patriots will LOSE.  The Team is that BAD.

So.....The off and on Secret Rain (I haven't seen any fall but sidewalks are wet and there are puddles) is doing lovely things for my Grass Growing Project.  Still some bare spots.  But......I'm taking a winning lap.  A Grass Growing Success Story!!!!!!!! On to 2022.

Wow. that is weird to see.  2022.

Finished re-reading the Rules for Visiting.  Even better the second time.  I wrote a whole post in my head about visiting but not going to put it here.  Some people go/visit and some people just welcome guests. We went and visited for what seemed like a hundred years.  Hardly anyone came to us. Once we stopped going (because we were getting old and tired and money was tight)......the friendships shriveled and died.  Our going/visiting was the only glue. Now I send a card.

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