Sunday, October 03, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday, October 3rd. 11:11

 Eating toast with butter and strawberry rhubarb jam (second breakfast- oatmeal was first).  Drinking re-heated coffee.  I was trying to get this post started while the clock still read 11:11 but missed it by a few seconds.

Weather report: Dark, Wet, Cold. Going to be a miserable football game this evening. In New England. Ticket holders are selling their tickets.  Because of the rain.  Maybe not?  

I have NOT been happy with the books I am reading right now.  The streak had to end sometime but this isn't the best weekend for it to happen.  When the weather is like this- I like to get all cozy on the couch and read. I was doing some sewing but the project I am most excited about- I am waiting for some fabric scraps to arrive in the mail.  Postmaster No Joy is making that difficult, I think.

I think his next Postal Downgrade will reinstate Ponies.  Or tin cans connected with string. No. That's MaBell. Will need A LOT of STRING to make all those annoying calls from Asia- .

I haven't been able to begin reading DebL's books as my daughter has all three and she is reading them. And liking the books very very much.  We have discussed some of our favorite bits so far.  They are not the same bits. She is waiting to finish all three before posting on instagram.

I thawed out a ball of pizza dough for the evening's football.  We might eat pizza earlier than the 8 pm kickoff. We might eat it with the 4 pm game. At halftime.  Or I could just roll it out and have it for Breakfast Number Three.

And yes, Connie- I am pretty excited about new Christmas Tree Lights.  Thinking Ahead is new for me.

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Deb Lacativa said...

As much of the books you might have read, there were many changes. I hope you are up to it. I'm glad to hear she's enjoying it.