Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Daily Notes- Sorry- I Forgot to Post this Morning

Hey--- sorry about that but I had an "agenda" for the day.  Paying bills and then a ride in the car with husband to do some errands- Ho Ann's is across the bridge into Trump country.  No Masks.  And there  are multiple lanes of traffic up there.  I am two years out on driving up there on the regular.

Working on this.  It's like I can't get it right.  I added the big flowers last night while watching tv. No idea where this is going.  Felt like downhill for awhile.  Then the big flower appliqué- well, they made a bad mess better but still a mess.  I have no border cloth for the top edge.  Tried everything.

Jo Ann's..... Two employees in the entire store.  Very few masks- none on employees.  I did find a cloth that matched my happened even if the odds were not in my favor.

The Trump Grocery did not have anything different than my local.  Same company.  So I cam home with just a pint of coffee cream and no sweet soy sauce.

I should have connected that white line in the center with a white in the border I added.

I put on a nice ironed short for my trip North.  Got home and took it off right away.

My Southern Peach Cobbler that I made yesterday- is very good.  Great Peaches.  Good flavor.

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