Thursday, October 21, 2021

Daily Notes- October 21st. A bit chilly. Lots of leaves on the ground.

 I stopped buying the prepared grocery meal for myself but the meatloaf one looked very much like this image from the internet.  I tried bulking up the vegetable segment with extra carrots to make the third equation to the other 2/3rds. I like vegetables.

Husband is driving around with the leaf collecting basket behind the riding mower.  Which is, I guess, something men enjoy doing.  Easier than raking.  Which hurts the back. He has headphones on and is listening to music...this project will take forever.  Ah, the Sun is coming out.

I repaired all the socks in my basket that had holes in the heels.  I wear out the heel. Well, not the heel- the bottom of the heel of my foot.   Not the toes. So I have three "new" repaired pairs of socks to wear this winter plus one extra sock.  The rest of my socks are Smart Wool.  Great socks.  After you wash them a lot and the let go of the "itchy" wool thing.  I just wish they had lesser elastic in the tops.  Or I had thinner ankles.

The three book series I am reading would make such GREAT movies.  A large family of big hulking boys (men) and one slight pale sister with white hair living on an island in the North Sea.  And this small 3 year old. AGOT.  Who talks in CAPITAL LETTERS.  AGOT comes into her story in book three.  When she faces up to the exiled Russian Prince (who has been exiled by his father with not a penny).  A grown man and a very loud opinionated 4 year old.  AGOT WANTS....... fill in the blank.  I can see it.....and it would be amazing.  The third book has Christmas. I can hardly wait for the reserve to arrive. 

Author is Jenny Colgan.

The Red Socks are tanking.  Chris Sale was always going to be the weakest link.  6 foot 5 and weighs 176. A stick man.  Not a great pitcher.


beverly said...

I love smart wool socks. I have five pair well actually 4 and one sock. One has gone missing I blame the washing machine. All of mine have holes in the same place as yours and I need to mend them soon.

Stop by to read everyday just don't make a lot of comments.

Deb Lacativa said...

I hack the elastic tops off socks. Some unravel and some don't. I don't think I could deal with wool socks