Friday, October 08, 2021

Daily Notes- October 8th. Sunshine

 Sink Painting.  Giving me an idea that I could actually just paint my bathroom or kitchen sink.  

I took a shower this morning.  I woke up cranky.  A shower usually helps with crankiness. Hot Water.

I also had my usual breakfast of coffee and oatmeal and THEN I remembered to make toast.  Now..I'm all set for the day (I have nothing for lunch as I finished off the hot dogs a few days ago but did make a romaine lettuce, mayo and Swiss cheese sandwich yesterday)  I do have late afternoon Cheetos.  Which is  the best reason on Earth to force myself to live thru the late morning and early afternoon blahs.

Yesterday I carried the shredded paper  and the compost pail out to the compost bins and noticed the squash plant growing in the bins has covered the entire front of two of the bins (6 feet by 3 feet).  It makes flowers but only male ones.  So has never made an actual squash. Living the good life without children to care for.  There is a cherry tomato plant growing inside the bins and it has fruit.  I am thinking of taking the porch plants and planting them in the compost bins.  That was their final destination anyway- so why not go early???? Two tomato plants, one bell pepper and some herbs.  They may shed seeds for next year.

I need more vegetative additions to the bins.  Right now it's mostly shredded paper.  I will add leaves eventually but right now I could use some cow manure or a big bucket of used coffee grounds from Starbucks.

I also vacuumed half the house.  today I have to finish off the bedroom and bathroom floors.

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Liz A said...

I haven't been here to visit for a while ... love this Natalie Goldberg painting from Living Color