Sunday, October 17, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday October 17th- A Mouse.

 A Mouse. In the House.  Now dead.  With cheese in his or her mouth.  Looks like a Toy Mouse.

 I have been throwing things away and scrubbing surfaces all  morning.  Husband is setting the trap again tonight.  I would still be tossing and cleaning but I moved wrong and a shooting pain in my left side and hip is keeping me from my cleaning tasks. Collections of things like restaurant soy packets are now in the trash. As are all the wire and paper twist ties.  And the garlic.  And rubber bands.  I also scrubbed the very little used Vitamix. I should pack it away. It got used quite a lot years and years ago.  Now--not at all.

You would think I would make smoothies or juices.  Or let it rip to heat up things into "soup".  I used to.  I even have the additional container to grind seeds or grain into flour. Or rice into rice flour.  When that was something I did and something I ate.  Rice flour and banana mash muffins. Very gritty. That was an elimination diet staple.  I didn't lose weight.  My body is fiercely protective of my bulk.

There won't be any Football Pizza.  I don't feel like making my own dough and there is none in the freezer.

I renewed all my books.  I am re-reading Colgan's Beach Street Bakery.  Reading is slowing down.  I am tired. Lamps have to be on in the darker than before house.  I went up and down the stairs too often.  That might be another reason for the hip pain.  Was knee pain yesterday.

I have a regularly scheduled annual checkup with my doctor this week.  I'll try and get my blood work done.  Lipids.  Will possibly get a flu shot if doctor has any supplies.  I have a bit of anxiety about going out to see the doctor.  It's outside the boundaries I set for myself.  We'll talk about that.  Doctor and I.  I've know her a long long time. She's as cranky and opinionated as I am......more than I am.  My doctor visits are one long argument and then a hug goodbye.  We skipped the hug last year and will likely skip it this year as well.

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