Friday, October 22, 2021

Daily Notes- October 22nd- Hello Beverly!!!

 This man has some appeal?  Okay. It was dumb.  Jean-Jullien  Would be fun to find in your lunchbox.

The sun is shining. My knees are letting me know they just had a birthday and they are OLD.  I think there is baseball tonight.  Red Sox.  The Team that loves to get to the very brink or edge of winning- and then they do their best to lose.  I watch the first 3 innings.  If I watch.  It's like watching paint dry. 

Basketball started.  OMG.  134 to 132?  Basketball has become a free throw contest.  BORING. 

We did watch the Cleveland Football Game last night.  We're from there.  Only nothing looked familiar.  There were a few broken down bridges that looked sort of like what we remembered.  We weren't around for the rejuvenation of Cleveland.  I am reminded of my time there and a kid getting on the Bus alone to go downtown was safe.  Then I remember when it was terrifying. And then I lived in Georgia. No Bus.

Now that my books have been read and the socks have been mended- all that is left for me- is a load of laundry and the Washing Machine Pages.  Two loads if I change the bed sheets.  Depends on how much material I have for the written page.  Not much happening.  I write all the exciting stuff here.  Laughing.

Beverly ..I love the Smart Wool socks also but I hate the top elastic.  It's too tight and leaves a deep dent in my ankles.  I haven't worn any heel holes in any of mine yet- but I have like 20 or 30 pairs.  So lots of pairs in rotation. The socks keep my feet nice and warm. When new- the used to be itchy. But I am "such a delicate flower" ...... as you are all aware.

Biggest concern- what candy to buy for Halloween.  As we get only two Tricker Treaters (the Twin boys) who didn't participate last October- the candy has to be something husband and I want to eat.  I think we have settled on Kit Kat Bars.  Would be perfect if they had a bagged set of the three chocolates- dark, regular, white.  I like dark- he likes white.  We could give the Twins the regular.  I bought Tootsie Pops last year and they were not kind to my teeth so I dropped off the almost full bag at the Twin's house. I think their parental units would prefer I toss the  extra candy.......... this year.  I could just buy apples.

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