Saturday, October 16, 2021

Daily Notes- October 16th= Another Try with the Cloth and a Sore Knee

 I changed out the top strip.  And gave it all a press.  I haven't straightened any edges as that means clearing off the cutting mat and it's covered in junk-and where is the rotary cutter????.  That outer edge fabric- this is all there is (a few scraps)'s this or a complete re-start.  I didn't realize it was so crooked. Wow--it's really crooked.  This is what happens when you cut strips with scissors --better to rip.

I watched some Red Socks baseball but they lost (long after I went to bed).  The game wasn't as slow and boring as I expected but still not exciting.  Previous to the baseball I watched a PBS episode (recorded) on the world's tallest, thinnest skyscraper- being built in New York City.  Apartments will be 59 million each.  Only two elevators. Space is same as a basketball court. There's no room for any more elevators. I can't imagine someone paying 59 million and sharing an elevator. And getting the furniture up-? No stairs were mentioned.  I got a chill.  Thinking of the Towers on 911.

My right knee is feeling weird.  Achy. Ready to collapse on me. Too many trips up to the Magic Attic looking for cloth. 75. The knees tend to give out first. Or the mind and then the knees????  Or the heart and forget the knees? 75.  Might need to move the Magic Attic down to the first floor.

I tried a new to me Sweet Soy Sauce.  Gluten free.  Availability in my grocery store is hit or miss and none of the other stores carry it.  I looked for it on the internet and Amazon had it.  $19.95 for 10 ounces. It costs around $4 at the grocery.  Shipping was $4.  Then I read the comments. EVERY shipped bottle arrived cracked and leaking.  No refunds.  Amazon policy.  No refunds for damaged product.  The "shipping" wasn't even a padded bag.  Wow.  Just Wow. Amazon.  What a joke.

I am now checking out recipes for making my own sweet soy sauce.  Looking for one that doesn't involve strange ingredients I can't buy locally.  So far...... it doesn't look promising. Kikkoman.  I know you'll be asking. And it's amazing.  Just Fricking AMAZING.  My daughter says it's amazing on EVERYTHING.  I've only ever had it on steamed rice with vegetables.  Because I have only the one bottle.  Half full. Daughter is on the hunt.  That Girl is a Treasure- now that we are OLD. Before that.....sigh.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

I think your piece of art is finished. Except maybe for a facing finish. That way you can keep the uneven-ness, which is nice.

I make a salmon glaze of soy sauce and honey. And melted butter.