Friday, July 03, 2020

Daily Notes- July 3rd

This picture was in my feed this morning.  Texas Peaches.  
It'll be a while before I can show you pictures of Maine Peaches.
But they will look exactly like these pictures
We had some rain overnight and it's pretty humid but only in the high 60's so far. And cloudy.

Husband had forgotten (!) to tell me the twins from down the street had come by to ask about the grape harvest- as they liked their gift jars of grape jelly very much.  They liked the peaches also.
When they stopped by- they asked if they could go look at the grapes- since husband had told the boys they were still very very tiny.  So they ran into the back garden to check on the grapes.
I quite enjoy having little ones on our street. They whiz by on skateboards most days.

If it stays nice (a relative term) I will spray myself (a lot) and then go out to plant my squashes.
Or- I have extra Grow Boxes for the driveway and I can plant my squashes in them.
Either way my ankles will be eaten by blood sucking insects.
Regarding extra grow boxes- all 12 were filled last year with recyclable soil (that I sifted)
This year only six have soil.  I have asked husband where the extra soil is but he has no answer.
Last year he sifted. And refuses to "talk about it".

I  still have high levels of stress hormones in the blood supply.
I am jittery and can't really settle into anything as simple as sewing a seam or reading a book.
The daily news on Covid cases isn't helping.
No one (here) has ever been given a prescription for tranquilizers so I don't have a bottle in the cupboard.
The closest thing I have is Benadryl which makes me sleepy.
But my respiratory PA says it (Benadryl) is not good for asthma.
So, I just flutter and jitter the days away.
And it is exhausting.

We went to DQ yesterday and I had a strawberry sundae.  DQ has delicious strawberry sauce.
We also watched a revolving customer count of people without masks from the safety of the car.
And with seriously compromised clothing choices. And lots of body art.

And then there were the really old customers.  Like us. No masks on most of them either.
No wonder I am jittery.

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