Thursday, July 30, 2020

Daily Notes- July 30th

Cute Packaging and very tasty tomatoes- I added a few to our plates last night.
$3.99 for the entire branch of cocktail tomatoes.
The fence cut on the box opening must be expensive to produce.
No cellophane.  Tomatoes are open to exchange of fresh air.

The Twin Boys were at the end of the driveway playing with brand new remote control cars 
when I went out to get the morning paper before breakfast.
They insisted on showing me all the things the cars would do until they batteries wore out.
 Then wanted to go check on the Peaches and Grapes.
We self distanced.

The boys also suggested the grassy knoll to the left of the driveway would be an "excellent spot" 
for some additions that they could come and play on.
Told me I needed to get some installed before Summer was over.
One of the Twins has lost his two front teeth.

A very sweet visit on the Day My Little Boy is celebrating His Birthday far away in California.
Neither twin has a scar across the bridge of their nose.  Like my boy does.
Happy Birthday!!!  Love you so much!!!

It's going to be hot and muggy again today.  Mosquito weather.
And husband reports the red leafed crab tree is again infested with brown tail moth larva.
I think- no matter how lovely it is- we will have to have it cut down and removed.
The rash the tiny hairs produce on humans is quite horrible.

At the grocery last evening- (I needed a new fresh mozzarella (one in fridge was old-ick))
I thought the atmosphere in the store was quite different and nicer than during the morning. 
Might change things up yet again.


DianeN said...

Wishing a very happy birthday to your son with many happy, healthy returns of the day!

Deb Lacativa said...

I have a distant memory of a tree or shrub having some kind of infestation. A small fire was built in a metal box. I was charged with putting some kind of green leaves into the flames to make smoke, the intention to kill or drive off the bugs.