Monday, July 27, 2020

Daily Notes- July 27th

Rolled some thread onto clothespins.
The dining table was becoming cluttered and the thread tangled, knotted.
I have chosen to do the over cast stitch on the quarter inch folds with a dark thread that shows. 
I like the look of it. Hand sewn. Rough.

It's raining. Gently but adding to humidity.
When I went to the grocery store this morning- muggy and hot.
Dark in the house, might need to add some lamp light at 11:30 am.

Husband has gone to see another quack. Not an MD. Seeking attention. 
They asked me to come with. I said "you're on your own with him".

At the grocery I bought Summer Food- finally, at last. 
Corn.  Tomatoes (now on a table in vestibule getting warm). Grocery is cold.
I also got shredded wheat and bran cereal.  I have non fat milk.   Need to use it up.
We have things to finish in the fridge.
Clean Out Week.

Everyone had on a mask in the grocery. Stayed 6 feet from each other.
It's a good feeling to feel safe inside a grocery store.
Lowest total in all the weeks of Pandemic on my purchases.
Toilet paper and gallons of vinegar in short supply. 
But baking soda well stocked and I got a box of Brownie mix.

Two Good Books waiting at Library.  I get to go out a second time today.
Oh, and I got Minute Maid lemonade.  Four big bottles. Been missing since March.
Life is Good Today.

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