Saturday, July 18, 2020

Daily Notes- July 18th- 18 Weeks.

Blurry but that is how the old iPhone is feeling these days. And my eyes.
I think the lack of moisture in the house (ACUnit doing it's job) is drying my eyes as well.

I am concerned that my iPhone (a 6 or 7 just the one neither daughter or husband wanted)
 is very slowly deciding to just give up and die. 
Some days it can text, some days the weather app has a map, some days- well, multiple days- there is not one email and then my husband does something to it and........44 emails which I delete.
I delete everything as I think the phone has memory problems. Too much clutter.
Today, for the first time EVER- a blurry picture- but it could be my eyes.
The camera was the one thing I could count on. 
I also need the damned phone to call the library when I arrive for book pickup.

I need to put drops in. My eyes.

Today is going to be HOT and HUMID here in Maine. 
We were set to mow the grass but- no, not going to happen today.
Yesterday would have been excellent but the mosquitos were lined up waiting for a blood donor.

So, up top.  The Wall. Almost directly across from where I sit to eat breakfast and read the newspaper. Occasionally, I sit there during the day and watch MSNBC and stitch tiny one inch (finished) squares together and then add borders- going round and round.  None of those on the Wall. Yet.
I don't eat lunch or dinner there.  I don't eat lunch or dinner as a meal anymore.

Breakfast, bill paying, and sewing. And looking at the Wall.
Waiting for the grouping to make some sort of Statement.
Every once in awhile a piece comes off the wall and I do something to it. 
Cut in half and turn one half and sew it back on. Add another border strip.
One thing for sure- none of them goes with any of the others.
The top right allowed itself to grow much larger than the others. The center was made a year ago.
Perhaps that's the rate at which they mature???

I am not reading the Plow book.  Another arrived.  New Author Talia Hibbert.
I wanted to read book one again before reading the brand new book two.
Get a Life, Chloe Brown and now Take A Hint, Dani Brown.
Sort of a light hearted, romance about Brown Lives Mattering.
Dealing with health, pain, anxiety and loss and finding love.

I like the second one already. Giant Rugby guy who reads romance novels. 
He and Dani Brown are going to "pretend" to be a couple since both have commitment /trust issues. 
 So- a real relationship has never worked out for either of them

I liked watching Rugby on television on Saturdays (before Pandemic).
Even though I do not understand the game AT ALL.
But I do think the NFL should start signing the Rugby guys to their defensive lines.
Massive. The size of very tall refrigerators.
They remind me of the DEFENSE from the Ohio University Football Team in my little college cafeteria.
Taking our trays when we finished our meals.  Not making eye contact.
I had no idea.
Now I do.

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