Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Daily Notes- November 26


Newest Work.  Sewn while watching Law and Order.  Darker than my usual stuff.  Sad.  The cloth at the bottom came out of the jar of black walnut water.  Just sitting in the sun on the porch.  String wrapped around cloth wrapped around a rusty tomato paste can.  Cloth and Walnut from Dee. The string did a nice job.

I prepped the remaining strips that came with the walnuts.  I gathered and made tucks with thread to see how that might go.  I haven't felt much like heating up the walnut husks as yet.  They wait.

Just finished paying bills.  Sorting things for the taxes.  Which are getting complicated just as they seemed to be getting easier.

The dog beds and the remainder of the dog's treats etc are ready to be taken to the animal shelter.  Then the beds won't be by the window and Riley will be truly gone.  We did one last walk in the woods yesterday (G and I)- I had hoped to feel Riley's presence there but...I think he is off on a very exciting new adventure.  No looking back.

Daughter might have a new situation for the wing chair and ottoman.  A Christmas Storefront Window display.  I took and sent pictures.  Now we just need to relocate the loveseat at daughter's house and the living room here will be nice and empty for the Painter.  I am taking down the pictures next week.  Emptying the bookcase cupboards starting tomorrow.  Lots of wrapping of dishes etc. And the liquor is in one of the cabinets.

I had a margarita yesterday with dinner out.  Is it horrible of us to feel so good about being able to go out together and not worry about the dog?   The drink helped and I enjoyed it.

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Anonymous said...

Nope not horrible, you spent a great deal of your time taking care of and being with Riley when he needed you. Now it's your time to spend together with your husband and just go when ever and where ever. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving
p.s. I like the colors in that piece, today's pic