Monday, November 25, 2019

Daily Notes- November 25


The packing I have done so far.  The wrapping table has many things on it that didn't get boxed up yet. I am still thinking about those things.  And we'll be taking the other three boxes to Goodwill.  They are very full.  Things once loved but no more.

I found two of the sweetest notes from the twins in the newspaper box this morning. One had draw a picture of Riley and said they would miss seeing him-very much.  I will keep those two notes forever.

Football last night- not the best game but we won.  And that rain- yes, that is what we were having. The homemade Football Game Pizza was very good.  And then we had ice cream.  Just totally going to Hell in a dietary hand basket.

Today I got the rest of my Holiday Meal shopping done.  They still had plenty of everything. But only the very small cartons of oatmeal.  The large carton space was very very empty.  The woman in line ahead of me had scallops- she said they were on sale.  I love bacon wrapped scallops.
But I was in line and that ship had sailed.  Without me.

My coffee date was going along just fine and then a whole group of women from the private college came in and started moving in chairs etc.  My coffee date friend was ready to abandon ship as soon as they arrived. So we finished our coffee date by walking around Town as she dropped off event flyers to certain places in Town.  She's retired but keeps very very busy.  I am retired and am the opposite of very busy.

Well, I promised G would would take a walk in the woods and he is ready to go.

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Deb Lacativa said...

That note from the twins is a treasure.

I had my first ever bacon-wrapped scallop at the conference in Salem. Just ONE...Heavenly.