Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Contemplating Life

I like the simple Zen of this bathroom.  the walls of the shower -there and not there- the floating cupboard and sink--large enough to wash sweaters.  I'll skip the tub.  Too expensive to heat water. The large floor squares make it seem spacious.  Easy to keep neat and clean.

Work the second week is a bit harder.  Less cheerful.  The body is saying--why are we working? And the muscles are tight.  Another three weeks and the body will be fine.  But not yet.  I don't think I am sleeping as well as I could be.

The diet was going very well until today.  I made a huge green salad with olives, Feta, a few bits of carrot and a Ranch dressing for lunch.  My heart is burning.  I feel like a heavy weight has filled my body. I had plenty of water, but I am probably retaining water.  Too salty.  I haven't decide what I can eat to balance my salad.  Isn't that odd.  A salad causes trouble. Aren't they supposed to be good for us?  All those Spring greens.  How does one balance salty?  And get past this acid reflux.


To Maggie in Ohio.  We removed the O ring and the flow got marginally better.  This is when G admitted the shower head cost four dollars.  I found the old one and soaked it in vinegar.  Covered it completely in vinegar and walked away.  The fake metal dissolved.  I had to scrap the dried glue off.  It's now back in the shower where it belongs.  Looking a bit more presentable.  The head itself is made of a very strong, heavy metal-- could even be stainless steel.  Today's shower was a delight.

We have some new shrubs on the sun porch (won in the silent auction during Open House).  They are going in and out.  Out when it's mild and sunny and in for the night or on bad days.  I think Friday is scheduled to be a "bad" day with sleet.  My crocus, snowdrops and tete a tete daffodils are braving the snow and cold.  Up about an inch.  And they are very welcome!!!

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