Monday, March 31, 2014

Simplified Kitchen Design

Now if simplify was the word for 2014 (and it just might turn out to be) then this is about as simple as things could get in the kitchen.  It's the "poster child" for EMPTY.  I imagine opening the cabinet doors and finding--nothing.  But it is soothing.

The counter tops in all the pictures (I have three more for you--someday) are marble.  Very difficult. Stains, scratches and gets dull.  Chips.  I often wonder about people going "simple" and then choosing marble.  It's a true contradiction.

Yesterday went amazingly well (for me).  I don't think we had the sales or customer counts we needed to recover from the winter from hell.  And we had so much rain yesterday and blowing winds. People may have just decided to stay home.  My class had, possibly, 25 and they were all very good students.  G brought over the "models" of a raised bed with hoops, a square foot garden and a vertical garden made from a used pallet.  Before and after class I answered questions regarding these three items.

I stuck to my promise and did not have one single crumb of the mountains of doughnuts.  I also resisted the two large bowls of potato chips.  I did have the samples of roasted peanuts.  Of the three "devils" I chose the one with the lowest number of carbs.

Today I am in the process of cooking a huge pot of chili (it's my day off).  Three and a half pounds of ground beef. I think it will make enough for many dinners and a few lunches topped with sour cream and shredded cheese.  I am hoping pork butts go on sale soon so I can make a huge pot of pulled pork.  I like that on top of a big green salad.

G asked about my "to do" list for the day.

Complete my unemployment paperwork and mail it. (meaning--let them know I am back to work)
Pay bills.
Make chili.
Do some work on the taxes. Collecting things.
Call my IRA advisor.

I have a few ripe, spotted bananas to turn into banana bread for G, but I will wait until tomorrow evening.  G is having his colonoscopy on Wednesday.  Tomorrow is the "no food" day.  No sense having a loaf of his favorite bread sitting around. Better that he has it waiting for him when he gets home--after.  Ten years ago, he was NOT required to drink the "stuff".  This time he is.  I am glad I will be away at work most of tomorrow.

That's it for today.
On the declutter front: I have done the kitchen drawers, the toiletries, my purse, my socks and undies, the DVD's was easy (we have none) and the jewelry (fits in a small bag).   The only one that didn't get done was my scarves.  I like them all.  It;s time to go to the website and get new "orders".

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