Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Yellow & How To Wash A Cashmere Sweater

This photo isn't mine. It came from 66 Square Feet, I think.  But it looks amazing.  So different from the grey, black and white of Maine right now.  There is a bit of sunshine. But the wind is sharp and cold, so I gave up on the nap out on the deck with my face in the sun.

Today I started the day with a big glass of water.  Before breakfast.  Which was bran flakes and soy milk.  I also had a ruby red grapefruit in segments with a few spoons of plain Greek yogurt.  I add sugar free Vanilla flavoring (thank you for that hint, Terry).  Then coffee.

I buy the brand Walmart stocks near the coffee section.  It comes in various flavors and you have to be very mindful as you choose---making sure what you buy is actually the sugar free one.  They also have French Vanilla in regular and sugar free.  I have wondered what that tastes like but haven't purchased it because--if I don't like it, I won't use it.  I LOVE the SF vanilla.

Lunch, I wasn't all that hungry, but G was eating lunch and I think things will be "happier" around here if we eat at the same time.  We have waited too long for our last meal of the day (7pm) and have just skipped it the past two evenings.  Once we subbed in popcorn and yesterday G had carrot cake and coffee instead.  I had a handful of cashews.

It's now almost 2 pm and G is up in his workshop and I am putting together bills and tax papers.  Then I am going down to the sewing room to hem the pile of pants I have there.  After that I think I will hand wash a few cashmere sweaters.  I wash them in the sink with cool(warm) water and a squirt of mild shampoo.  Yes, shampoo.  It works better than any cleaner.

The first time you do this, the water in the sink will turn brown and filthy.  Especially if the items have been dry cleaned.  Just squeeze the lightly soapy water thru the sweater gently.  Then open the drain and as the water empties, press down on the sweater to release any water.  Then refill the sink. Repeat until the last water is clear.  Than press again as you drain.  I lay a nice fresh fluffy white towel on the carpet in my bathroom, lay the sweater as flat as I can make it without any stretching, and the roll the towel and the sweater up into a roll.  Then step on the roll, releasing any water.

After that I lay the sweater over the ironing board, turning it every day, until nice and dry.  The sweater will be soft, clean and lovely to wear.

Most of my cashmere has been thrifted.  And most of it was dry cleaned in it's previous life.  The dirt in those sweaters took three or four washings--- separated by wearing the sweaters--- before the water was clear from bringing to end.  No rubbing.  Just gently lift, turn and press.  Any stains or spots can have a bit of gentle rubbing with bubbles of soap or a tiny extra squirt of shampoo on the area.  You can even walk away and let the sweater soak on it's own.  Then press, drain and rinse.

Try it on your least favorite sweater the very first time.  I tried it on my favorite the first time (it was stiff and smelled musty) and it is now--after  many washings--very soft and has no odor at all.

I should warn you---- sweaters don't get washed as often as, say your tees and undies.  I wash them very infrequently (only when I feel they are dirty or smell like food since I wear them while cooking) and usually at the end of the season before they are tucked away, just up on the shelf or in one of the wire baskets of my closet organizer.


Paula, the quilter said...

Washing the sweaters at the end of the season removes the protein in the stains. Moths lay their eggs where there is a source of food. That's why if a knitted garment is put away dirty, it will more than likely have holes in it next time you wear it.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I enjoyed reading the process of washing the cashmere sweaters. I don't have any, so it was fun to read about, knowing that I won't really need to do it.