Friday, April 04, 2014

Dem Bones

In a big basket.  Riley's.  And not all bones are equal.  As G and I have noticed, while watching Riley look and choose which one to gnaw on.  Right now we have three lined up (he lines them up) and he'll roll them over with his nose as he selects the "right" bone.

For his birthday (today) he should have gotten a fresh new bone.  It's in the freezer.  But I forgot. So her got his usual walk, a ride in the car and two treat balls.  Puzzle balls filled with dog treats.  He has to roll, drop and crush the ball in order to get the treats to fall out.  The first ball was too easy.  So G gave him a second one and that took long enough to make Riley sleepy.

I know a Reader mentioned that my habit of boiling the bones (I don't want raw bone stuff on my carpets--plus raw bones stink) makes them brittle.  These bones in the basket are several years old. Still being gnawed--vigorously.  And, as an added benefit, Riley's vet is astonished by Riley's tartar free teeth.  Sparkly white.

Today was a hard day for me.  I was tired, felt heavy, felt like my joints were not flexible (like they were swollen) plus all the employees were hard to stand.  Complaints were common.  Nerves are frayed.  Should have been a happy day--it's pay day.  The customers were nice as can be.  One brought me a handful of pussy willow branches--the variety that twists and turns.  G was very pleased.  We have them in a jar of water and when they send out roots we will plant them.  In the wet area of the backyard.  These were fresh cuts and I think we will have good luck getting them going.

Saturday is usually my day off but I am teaching two classes tomorrow.  Annuals & Perennials.  How to use them in the garden.  I think the other two stores are doing a power point presentation-- this would be so much easier with pictures.  I have to do it with "words".  At least teaching breaks up the long day.  And I have Sunday off.

I was "invited" to return to the retail job as a seasonal.  Time for you all to remind me why I don't want to do this!!!!!  It's very tempting.  Well, you know what is very tempting.  Enough said. I have selective amnesia.

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Annie said...

Just saw this post. No,no,no you can't go back there!

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