Thursday, April 10, 2014

This Is When I Know It's Really Spring

Ranunculus.  We have about 10 of them at the greenhouse.  None as lovely as this one.  Which I photographed two Springs ago and have used here on the blog so many times.  Because the image makes me so happy.  It's like a happy little Spring eye.

Today.  I watered everything and was a soaking wet (COLD) person for most of the day.  We have three new employees.  And I like all three.  A miracle.  You know what a fuss budget I am.

I even had help moving two tables over so the edge of the table is even with the hanging baskets overhead.  To save customers and employees from cracking their craniums when they are looking at plants and then stand up under the baskets.  I only have five more to line up and my "life will be worth living".  IMHO.  Hardly humble.

I am continuing with the diet----- even though there is not the slightest indication that anything is happening.  I may even be heavier than I was.  But I feel good.  No food cravings.  And, really, that is huge.  Not craving food groups.

Today I purchased a pineapple for my yogurt and fruit lunches.  The store had red grapefruit but they didn't have that rosy blush which means they are rosy inside.  I "love" red grapefruit segments (supremes) with my yogurt.  I "like" pineapple chunks with yogurt.  So, second best.  Third is peaches and raspberries.  Together.  Then raspberries.  Then blackberries.  Finally, blueberries.

I have been having big salads for lunch with carrots and edamame.  Olive oil and Balsamic vinegar dressing.  I had chicken salad with my salad yesterday and today I had an egg and avocado salad.  I think tomorrow I will have tuna with onion and celery.  My mom made it that way.  With canned peas.  Which I am not adding.  For Easter Eve now that I am remembering.  I wonder why??? We designed our eggs with wax and dyes and then had potato pancakes and tuna salad for dinner.

Wow.  That was a blast from the past.  My dad was in charge of heating the decorated eggs (after dinner) over the flame on the gas stove and wiping away the wax ---revealing the dyed designs.  We ate the always beautiful HB eggs the next morning with my grandmother's home baked sweet bread studded with almonds and raisins.  It was so, so delicious.

This Easter I will be at work all day. Really.

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Jan said...

I find at this point in life that it's extremely difficult to move that needle on the scale, despite healthy, attentive eating. Whereas 15 years ago I could easily shed a quick 5 lbs if desired, now little happens, even with a disciplined approach. Rather disheartening, to say the least.
The bright side is that I've discovered yoga, which truly has changed my life. I know, sounds dramatic, but it is! My clothes fit so much better, I've improved my strength and balance and, a surprise positive, I've met so many new people. Although there are more people my age than I expected, I love the mix of ages and 'types' and enjoy being around young people regularly, something that's surprisingly difficult when the kids are grown and you're in a new place. It's been a positive in every way.
(Also, it was a good experience going WAY outside of my comfort zone the first few times I attended. A sense of humor helps.)
Beautiful photo ~ one of my favorite flowers!