Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sunday Pansies

Not here --- yet.  But we have them at work.

I got the taxes done.  It took longer than usual as Turbo Tax has updated things in a way that's makes it a bit more tedious.  And, while printing copies--the printer ran out of ink.  Talk about a nervous meltdown for ME!!!

It's done.  Tomorrow G and I visit the bank to discuss accounts etc.  I hope it will be stress free allowing me a full day off experience.  Happy times with no work.

We had a very sunny day which felt lovely while G and I sat on the back deck watching Riley chew on a few tree branches.  Later, I let the dog out and he made a bee line for the garden forsythia and got a bird.  I called him (trying not to scream) and he dropped it and seemed confused.  He finally came to me.  We found G and he went and got the bird's little body and took it away.

I didn't want Riley going back to it.  I know it's all the "wheel of life" but it seemed a bit too REAL for me.  And, I think it was a bit too real for Riley as well.  He probably wanted the bird to get up and play some more.

Breakfast was bacon and fried eggs,  lunch was cashews,  dinner was my homemade chili with sour cream.  I have one more serving of jello for a little sweet later tonight.

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