Sunday, April 27, 2014

When Life Is NOT As It Should Be

I am tired.  My knees feel stiff.  It's cold.  It's raining.  I want to be out in the garden planting things. And, I will have to go out there in the rain as I have presoaked my sweet peas, Fava beans and some other sort of podded pea--Arrow, I think.  Once soaked, they must be planted.

I worked straight thru from Tuesday to Saturday.  Even teaching two classes yesterday.  Now I have the luxury of two days off in a row.  Days for the garden.  And I want to start my tomato seeds.  Just two seeds from each variety.  Not the dozens of yesteryear.  I brought home four little seedlings of Early Girl Bush Tomatoes.  These start producing early and taste wonderful.  I don't know why I am not satisfied with just them?  But I am a tomato plant glutton.  "The Crazy Tomato Plant Lady" who tried giving tomato plants to everyone who passed me by at work last season.  And I STILL had too many in the garden.

I also brought home a nice flat of onion seedlings--Candy.  I grew them the year before last and loved them.  I would like a few red onions as well.  We'll see.  I am only buying seedling flats with my "tips" from work.  Yes!!  I got two tips already this year.  And I found two pennies on the ground face side up.  Good luck.

I also have not had time to eat my lunch at work--I have eaten it at home, instead of dinner.  On the days I didn't have time for lunch, I have been at the potting bench straight thru my shift.  Making mixed containers for Secretary/Ad Min Day.  And, Mother's Day is fast approaching.  Swoosh!!!

G's been happy enough with the Easter Dinner leftovers and the chicken soup.  He fills in with sandwiches.  I noticed our grocery finally has chuck roast on sale so I am seeing a nice pot roast in our future (this week).  With mashed potatoes, green peas and cole slaw.  I also wanted to make onion soup but just haven't had the time or energy for making it.  All that onion slicing and then the long time to slowly caramelize the onions.  This is something I should have made during the unemployment part of winter.

Am I just getting old?  Is my body just letting me know it is beginning to dislike all the cement floor standing and walking all day, five days a week?  Have my work shoes lost their "bounce"?  Have I lost my "bounce"---the ability to do this work day after day.  Do I just weigh too much right now.  Gravity.

When I am this tired and stiff, I begin to question the path I have decided to travel.  Why am I still working full time?  Why am I considering another go at the seasonal retail job?  Why don't I have time to cook, plant seeds or read the newspaper?  Why do I always seem to be running off to work and leaving G and Riley here at home?  Do they mind?

I am also wondering when I will find the time (and more importantly) remember how to change the reading sidebar to the right on this blog.  Only three of the blogs still interest me and the writers of three others have (I guess) decided to stop writing.  I have new blogs that I should put in to the rotation when I remove the others.  It's really getting to be more work than I want--finding something to read each day.

And I want to try "baking" this new "Life Changing Loaf" which is mainly seeds and nuts.  I have, by chance, managed to buy all the ingredients.  I just need to mix it up and let it sit for hours (I guess) and then bake it.  I'll let you know how it goes.  But right now, I am looking for rainwear that is warm, and going out to the garden.  A nice rubber suit would be just the thing today.

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Susan Sawatzky said...

Joanne, I just began an eating plan called "The Abascal Way" ( which claims to quiet inflammation in the body. A new member of the Unitarian Fellowship I belong to is teaching a five week class. Last Tues was the first meeting and we were told to eliminate all wheat, dairy, etc. I've been doing it since Wed. morning, this is Sunday and I think I did notice when I got up this morning that the usual stiffness was much less. I remain a bit skeptical still but decided that since on Thursday my doctor called and told me I may be in the early stages of diabetes, that I have nothing to lose by eating this way. So far it has been the easiers eating plan I've tried in my 71 years. No counting calories, no portion sizes, just some basic eating tools. I wonder if it might help with the stiffness and pain you feel?

Just a thought.