Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring And Then Not Spring

This cute sign was sent to me from Germany.  Via an old friend.  Thank you!!!  I wish my greenhouse had a sign outside.  I think it would help bring in customers.

This morning we have Sunshine And SNOW.  Yes, SNOW.  All the grass is covered in white

Yesterday, in the howling wind and mud---- we started bringing the the perennials out into the yard.  Setting up the tables.  Not everything is here so spaces have to be set aside for the missing trays.  My orders, from inside the annual house------ five spaces then this and then two spaces and this.  I push the heavy cart out into the muck and recite five then two over and over.  Meanwhile, in the annual house the wind is filling the plastic shell and then sucking the air out.  So, big WHACKS as the shell heaves and contracts.  So noisy.  And rather startling.  Everything is mixed up.  So we are playing hide and seek, looking for the plants starting with A, then B and now C and D.  I believe we got to D yesterday before the rain came pelting down and the afternoon shift moved indoors.

Today I think the cold crops will arrive.  Broccoli, B. Sprouts, lettuces and cabbages.  Things that don't mind a bit of a spring chill.   My garden beds are pretty much ready.  I was amazingly good at getting them prepped last October.  Flat, clean and well amended with soils and coffee grounds from Starbucks.  Ready to plant.

Some of the seeds that G planted are coming up.  He has spring onions, fennel and something else coming up.  Now we need to paste carrot seeds and beet seeds on toilet paper (homemade seed tapes) and get those out into the garden beds.  Helps with spacing so not too much thinning needs to be done.

I discovered that eating some good carbs every other day has moved the needle on the scale--to a lower number.  Which is making my inner self a bit less angry and sad (and it also helps my mood to have good bread and some pasta).  My body is certainly a science experiment that needs some serious study and reflection.  And now that I am in the "heavy lifting" segment of my greenhouse work--long days of lifting and carrying-- that aspect of weight loss will be in place as well.

I like it when I fall asleep on the couch--by 9 pm.  That's how I know that I have done some serious work.  Some call it exercise.  And the hot shower after work is such a "good thing".  So happy!

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Amelia Quilter said...

Hi Joanne,

I always look forward to seeing what pictures you have posted on your blog! Love them all but really love seeing your back yard with the cute shed (love the green door) and your garden! I do miss gardening in Maine and am no longer able to have a garden in Florida. Makes me said when I have to pay $3.50 for a small bunch of swiss chard at the farmer's market and when cooked, it is less than 1/2 a cup so split between two!

I bet Riley is thrilled to have the run of the whole back yard instead of a snow covered path!

Do you work at Skillins? Just curious as you have never mentioned the name of the store...

Have a great day!!