Monday, April 21, 2014

This Is What I Would Like To See Outside

I think I can identify most of the plants (I am a professional--LOL) but I would have liked a plant list. I like the way all the dirt is covered up.  Intensive Planting.  I think that's what they (real professionals) call it.  Grasses, Phlox, Salvia and a Doublefile Viburnum in the background.  I have one of those.

I'll start my plant shopping list.  Multiples always inflate the plant bill.

We ( G&I) are having Easter on Monday.  I have the sweet potatoes baking and the sugary juices are making smoke.  I have mixed up the green bean casserole (using mayo and sour cream instead of the canned soup). And baked ham. A good one that hasn't been pumped full of water.  I also made a small pot of lentil soup which will get a portion of ham bits added to it for my lunches this week.

My lunches have failed me this past week.  I have gotten hungry.  And when hungry I tend to eat things I shouldn't, wouldn't or couldn't.  At times, it's my breakfast that fails me and I am tempted to eat my lunch at 10 am.  I haven't eaten anything I shouldn't--just because there isn't anything to eat at work.  So, soup.  And a big green salad full of crunchy vegetables.  I have organic carrots and an organic beet.  Eating a raw beet is new for me.  We'll see if I like it.

G has purchased a riding lawn mower (the neighbor asked him if we were moving***).  Second hand.  This mower was owned by a "little old lady" and it is very, very clean--still looks like new tread on the wheels.  G has already made an attachment so he can pull his heavy duty wagon around instead of pushing a wheelbarrow full of things raked out of the garden or branches trimmed off shrubs and trees. Our lot is uneven so actually using the riding mower to cut grass isn't going to happen.  He'll still have to cut the grass with the walk behind.

Today he is trying to McGyver the push sweeper so he can pull it along with the mower and sweep the sand and salt off the driveway.  He's made a few test runs but from my vantage point in the house, it looks like the sweeper isn't making contact with the road.  I'd put something heavy in the collection basket.  *** my rule was-- desire for a riding mower means we move to a smaller property.

My suggestions are not always welcome (my rules aren't either it seems).  So Riley and I are staying silent and in the house.  Riley because the lawn has just been sprayed by the lawn guy.

I think it's going to rain today.  I hope to get into the garden to plant peas, my B sprout seedlings, some carrot and bean "tapes" and my little cabbage seedlings.  Get things going when they are supposed to be gotten going.  I also want to plant my pansies.  G got me a whole flat of mixed pansies and I am very behind on getting them into containers.  Partly because the deer come at night and eat them.  So far, I am keeping them in the house for the night.

I have a book I am trying to finish reading.  I have a class to prepare for Saturday.  I was outside and gave G my two cents worth.  Turns out I learned a few things from my father--the best McGyver-er I ever knew.  My dad wouldn't buy a replacement part for his German car--so, he turned on the windshield washer with a door bell (installed on the dash).  Crazy but true.

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