Monday, April 14, 2014

Melted Snow And The Fig Tree

Not exactly a book title.  But that's what you have here.  The snow is gone.  The shed has reappeared. The fig tree is spending it's second full day outdoors with expanding leaves and more tiny fig buds. I think it is also expressing it's appreciation for the larger pot and better soil.  It might also be happy with the drenching I gave it (of fertilizer).

Here are my pansies.  One flat of Karma/ Rising Sun.  I don't know what, exactly, the name has to do with the color.  But I like the color.  So far, the deer haven't eaten the pansies, which are hiding behind the fig tree pot.  Yes, that is an oven shelf.  G brought two home from the restaurant when they changed out ovens.  They make nice raised places for the plants to sit on the deck.  So wet pot bottoms don't make stains on the decking.

My grandmother grew here pansies from seed.  Very difficult.  And I have always loved the flower.  I had a sweater when I was a child and it had embroidered pansies near the neckline.  I tried to wear that sweater all the time.

Today, another day off.  Some phone calls and a visit to the eye glass store.  The nose pads on my new glasses are making dents in my nose but they are also creating very sore red patches that burn and hurt.  Yesterday I had tape across the bridge of my nose to protect the skin under the nose pads.  My co-workers tactfully ignored my appearance.  So today I went to see if anything could be done to make it "all better".  I have new, larger, nose pads and they are made of a different material.  Cuz, I might have actually had an allergic reaction to the original pads.  Time will tell.

I took a "selfie" of myself with my new glasses and my new nose pads.  But I didn't like it.  Too many wrinkles.  Geez, I look terrible. And old.  I'll wait a few years and then post it--by then it will look fantastic in comparison.

I think I always look great but---now that I think about it---I don't have my glasses on when I am looking at myself and thinking I look "great".  These new glasses see so many things I have never before noticed about myself. Neck waddles.  Forehead creases.  Upper lip wrinkles.  Uneven skin tone.  I guess I might need "cosmetics".

G is out in the garden making hoops for two of the beds.  So I can roll spun cloth or plastic over them to temper the cold or hot of the weather for my "crops".  I can then have stuff growing (in those two beds) earlier and later.  I can also protect plants from too much sun or egg laying insects. G stays very busy now that winter is behind us.  There are a great many things to rake, weed and clean up before May arrives.  You saw the hammock behind the fig?  In May that hammock will be well used for naps.

Thursday I get my haircut.  It needs it--that photo, again.  Shows my hair looking a bit more shaggy than I like.  I think I need some personal "spring cleaning".  But right now--the laundry calls.

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Susan Sawatzky said...

"Wait a few years and I'll look good by comparison"

Your para about the selfie made me laugh out loud.