Saturday, April 05, 2014


I had to choose one item in the living room and "considering" get rid of it.  I considered.  And I am keeping this.  I don't know where or when I bought this hand painted plate.  The French soap was a Christmas gift from a neighbor.  But, I think, someday the plate will come in handy for a nice salad, cheese plate or olives.

I did consider and did throw away the pomander orange  (stuck with cloves) that was the third in this arrangement.  It was pretty desiccated.  And not very attractive.

Today I taught my classes.  Both had a very good amount of people.  The first class took 2 hours and the second 90 minutes.  I love teaching gardening.  It feels like my whole life experience up to now--was leading me to these very satisfying teaching opportunities in 2014.  It's a good thing.  Very. It feels good to be doing something people value.

I have two days in a row off.  I have my taxes to do.  I procrastinated the entire 10 weeks of my furlough and now-- it's down to the wire yet again.  I hate myself for doing this again.  I wish I knew why I do it.

Breakfast today was chicken salad.  I like it with honey mixed into the mayo.  Lunch was full fat Greek yogurt with Bran buds and segments from a ruby red grapefruit.  After class I had raspberry sugar free jello.  Dinner was Chinese.  I had the ginger green beans with chicken (left most of the sauce on the plate).  No rice.  And two beef teriaki sticks.

That's in case you wonder what a low carb diet looks like.

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