Saturday, April 19, 2014

Porch Chairs

G has finally gotten the webbing he ordered off of E-bay.  We have two old aluminum chairs we drag out on the back porch (stoop) when the sun is warm enough.  Even in Winter.  The two chairs had a few shredded strips and we (mostly me) worried about falling thru whilst sitting.  And, if alone, walking around with a chair firmly attached to my rear end.  No rescue handy.

We have two rockers.  One is the very inexpensive rocker G brought home in the early months of having our first baby.  And that old wood rocker has been well and truly used in the following 44 years.  We added a new dark green one a few years ago.  I can imagine the two of them, the ceiling fan and the big overgrown geranium on our front porch.  If only there weren't so many mosquitos.

On the back deck, in regular rotation for over 3o years (purchased from Ikea in Germany in 1983), are the high backed white wire chairs that I find very comfortable, even without cushions, and G finds too hard and painful to sit on, even with cushions.  The chairs have a "springiness" when you sit in them.  Bouncy.  And they have this curve to fit the small of one's back.

None of the stores or catalogs have chair pads that fit these chairs.  All too big, too long, too short, too thin, too thick.

I have always wanted to have a folding chair in the car.  So, when the mood or the weather suits my fancy, I could pull out the chair, unfold it and sit right down.  Enjoying the weather or the sights.  I have been dragging a folding chair out of the greenhouse (the ones for classes) and eating my lunch in a spot of sunshine, if available.  But the wind has been fierce.  And cold.

I am worried that Spring will never come.  That it will be cold all the way into July.  I remember having the furnace on one Fourth of July here in Maine.  It may have been in 1991.  Our first July in Maine.  And I was wanting to sell the house the business and everything and get as far away from Maine as possible.  So very cold.

I think the next summer was so hot--like in the 104's.  I didn't care for that either.

Today I have bills to pay, aprons to sew, soup to make (G is freezing) and tomato seeds to plant.  Just in case things get warm enough to plant things in the garden.  But right now, another cup of coffee and some breakfast and I'll fold the white stuff in the dryer.

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Terry Grant said...

I have always wanted a pair of adirondac chairs to sit out in the yard, under the trees. Ray nixes the idea-- says they are SO uncomfortable, while I find they feel just right. Chairs are so personal. I have a little folding camp chair I Ilike to keep in my car. Just as you say--so handy. Ray can't understand why I do that-- seems like just more clutter in the car to him. He doesn't have the same relationship to chairs that I do.