Friday, December 03, 2010

Wicker Chair & The Reluctant Gift Receiver

Lots of lines here. More than I was willing (or able) to draw.  But I got in some interesting lines before I decided to stop.  I wanted to post before taking my shower.  I'm tired and the hot water will dissolve any thought processes I might still have.  At 8.33.

Tomorrow is the "big day".  A major Christmas shopping event.  Though I think we did pretty good today since the cashiers had to change the register tapes at least once on each register.  I have no idea what people are buying.  My flowering plant tables always look like a jumble sale after I have turned my back on them to do something in another area.  But when I straighten them out (put the plants back in straight line formation) it seems like no one is missing.  The Poinsettias are falling apart.  Branches get broken off so easily.  Customers ask "Is this all you have?"  because usually I am arranging 8 full greenhouse tables of flowers.  This year it's four tables.  And gaps on the tables.

The Loader guys are getting tips and usually pretty good ones.  They are happy.  Selling Christmas trees. My tree is standing up against the garage wall, waiting for a clean cut and to be screwed into the tree stand.  I think G wanted a new stand.  I must ask.

I have put my name in the Secret Santa Box for our employee gift exchange (what was I thinking?).  I pulled the slip of paper for our newest employee (it's a secret).  Exactly one day on the job.  And I get to buy him a gift.  He likes exotic plants, soup, muscle cars (he, like all men, talks all the time).  I asked if he could fix the leak in my greenhouse hose and he did.  Worth a great present.  My pants stayed dry from the knees down today.  This college kid has been wiring pinecones and bows onto wreaths for two full days now.  He closes his eyes while twisting the wire and looks like he is practicing Zen meditations.  Fascinating.  He got to pick a name out of the box (several times) until he picked a name of a person he actually had met and knew (at the suggestion of the other Christmas room employees).  Too funny.

The best part of the Secret Santa program is that everyone tries to find out who has who.  I told the new guy to smile and say "I have you" to everyone who asks.  It's what I do. And this time, LOL, it will be TRUE if he asks me!!!!  It doesn't stop people from discussing who THEY have with me or anyone else, for that matter.

I'm just running on here.  Time for bed.  The reluctant gift receiver is me. G wants to buy me an iPad for Christmas.  I am thinking about it.


Diane N said...

I am really enjoying your chair drawings. I'm glad you're sharing them with us.

Your observations on "Secret Santa" made me laugh. I always hated those things. And all the grousing about who drew which name. I hope this year someone nails it on the head for your gift!

Diane N said...

Just a quick question for you since you work in a greenhouse. This year I have noticed that at least half the poinsettias offered for sale are decorated with some kind of garish glitter on them. What's up with that? They aren't pretty enough without putting all that gunk on them?

Will that come off the plant?

It's okay if you don't know the answer. I just wondered about it.