Thursday, December 02, 2010

Three Weeks

Another chair in the line drawing project.  I added the nail trim to the arm design today and will try and color in the chair tomorrow.  I am very tired, had to take a pain pill because my hip was aching, did many things and worked an extra 30 minutes.  G stopped in to load our Christmas Tree into the truck and bring it home.  A very big, fat tree.  A "wild" balsam.  Meaning it has wide open spaces between the branches.  I can really load it up with ornaments.

We have finished all the turkey dinner leftovers.  Everything but the pie.

I have 19 more posts to write to finish the year with 1000 posts.  I have found I really enjoy opening the blog and just writing each day (or so) without any expectation of being funny, cheerful, informative or even interesting.  I just have to show up and be ME.  If I hadn't tried to reach 1000, I wouldn't have discovered the freedom of blogging without a plan.  It's nice if people read, but that isn't the goal any longer.  It's almost like writing a letter to the Universe and expecting nothing in return.

I was sentimental today.  Telling a story of sending my son off to California so many years ago, just before Christmas.  And calling him on Christmas Eve and discovering that the box I sent, hadn't arrived. My child was alone in a strange apartment, as far away from Maine as he could be (and still be in America), with a new job and he didn't even have any Christmas.  While I was talking to him the doorbell to his apartment rang and there was the UPS guy with his large Christmas box.  Not a dry eye so many years ago nor today in the lunchroom.  He's probably reading this and saying "hey, it was okay".

Tomorrow is another long day but only three weeks left before I get laid off for the winter.  This weekend is the busiest weekend before Christmas for a garden center.  Trees, wreaths and Holiday Boxes.  We have a new employee who started work this morning and he wired pinecones, berries and a bow to many, many wreaths today.  He did a wonderful job.  He was just what we needed right now.  The Universe must have sent him.  Thank You!!!!

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