Friday, December 03, 2010

Carrot "Lines"

This morning I am waking slowly, doing little, thinking a great deal.  Still emotional.  Dee and Roger are weighing on my mind and heart more than usual.  I know it is all for the best.  That what is happening is a good thing. That sounds so odd.  A good thing.  When all is going painfully wrong.  It is the way my heart sees it. My heart goes it's own way. Intuitive.

Gray, cold, wet outside.  But yesterday the sunshine surprised us in the greenhouse and we had to layer down to stay cool.  I even propped one greenhouse door open for a breeze.  51 on December 2nd. So I decided to make a salad for my lunch at work.  Slicing orange carrots into little batons.  Adding Romaine, Feta and olives.  Measuring the salad dressing.  Cutting a wedge of cheese focaccia from Big Sky Bakery in Portland (next to Artist Supply).  A cold lunch but I haven't made any soup.  Yet. A cold lunch in hopes of some warming sunshine today.

My dog walking green corduroy pants are looser than usual today.  No wedgie when seated.  The pant legs are falling over the top of my feet.  The heavier I get, the shorter my pant legs.  I am going to be positive about this and not wonder what I weigh.  I will be pleased that the dog walking pants are wedgie free and long.  I am trying to be "mindful" of what I eat.  It helps to be busy with work.

I am going upstairs to water my plants.  Packing my salad.  Emptying the dishwasher (G turned it on before work).  Riley is looking out the window, his body pressed to the baseboard heater.

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