Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And Then It Snowed

This image is from a magazine.  I don't know which one or what year but I am not taking credit for it's artistic loveliness.  Just sharing it with you as it summarizes my feelings at this moment in time.  Cold.  The furnace has been cleaned (by the most gorgeous guy I have seen in quite awhile).  The gaskets need replacing; the hot water storage tank is pulling water from the coil directly and not as a separate zone (incorrectly installed); we have a few years left if we make repairs but could still lose heat in the middle of winter.  So, this morning, Dave arrived to assess the furnace.  He discovered the water temp had been set too low in the coil (which is probably why the water is never hot).  He recommends the gaskets be replaced.  He will also be writing up a proposal for a new furnace.

G went grocery shopping for me yesterday (his McD's shares a parking lot with a grocery store) so we could finally have the stuffed shells.  They were excellent.  I watched the Mad Hungry Holiday show and am starting to find the host's chatter annoying.  But it fills the void since there is nothing to watch on television this week (or next).

I was okay with Fabio winning Survivor and happy that Jane got the fan favorite 100K prize (the fans always get it right).  Means also that we will see Jane again if they have another All Stars.  I am excited about the new Redemption Island thing for February 2011.  I am way behind on my Top Chef watching.

I have nothing to take to work for lunch except a small bit of my Longhorn lunch from last week.  It will have to be enough.  I can also take one of the Cranberry Island Whoopie Pies but I think it would be too sweet.  I skipped lunch yesterday at work and it was okay.

Well, it's cold today but not freezing as the Rhodie leaves are plump and not threadlike.  I have on RED so I feel good and cheerful.  And I have on heavy wool socks. I know I have to water the plants today. So I guess it's time to pack up and go to work.  Second to last day.  Clock is ticking so slowly right now.

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Jackie Kirner said...

That has to be an Andy Goldsworthy image from your magazine! A favorite of mine.
I enjoy your blog and share your Survivor fandom!