Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My 2010 Christmas Tree

No lights and no ornaments as yet.  I had thought I would work on this today but now have a much hoped for lunch date with a friend.  Don't you just love how the faux French finish on the north facing living walls glows with warmth even on a cold sunless morning?  Now I need to brighten the trim and make IT less gloomy.  Sad to say, but the tiny snowman on the mantle has been there since last Christmas.

I have started a "Projects List" for the winter lay off.  Not a "To Do" list.  One of them is to prepare to enter into the jury process for a co operative art group that sells their work over the summer months.  I was going to try to do this last year, but I was much too busy with classes and spring work at the greenhouse to be able to work on all the little items one needs for a successful "sales" approach.  Small prints, cards, bookmarks, business cards along with the larger pieces.  A good winter project.

I also want to do some interior painting in the house.  Trim. Walls. Doors.  This is a good "thinking" project as I can run things that are bothering me, over in my mind, as I paint.

Moving my art supplies upstairs to the "new" studio.  I had my workspace upstairs originally.  Before it had heat and carpet and was used as a "college graduate returning home" area.  There is wonderful south western light up there and it's a cheerful area.  Perhaps, a good spot for the iPad G wants to buy me for Christmas?  This is a good "Active" project as it means many trips up and down the stairs carrying boxes  of fabric and art supplies.  And I can stop after a box or two and move to something else.

Another project I have considered is renting a dumpster for the winter and filling it with stuff we have stored in the house.  Part of my problem with "putting stuff away" is that there is hardly any room.  With all the junk we never use, never unpack and just push around up in the attic. I have cartons from the move to Germany in 1982 that are still taped closed.  It would be nice to have long tables set up in the attic and have items organized on and under the tables.  One whole table for Christmas.  Another for my decorated dollhouses. Yes, I have a very large attic.  And it will be even nicer when we have a crew come in and put up plastic and drywall.  I wonder if we need electrical outlets before drywall?

I also want to spend time making bread.   I am wondering if that works with the "BIG BUTT" diet plan of low fat, high carbs?  Vegetables and grains.  Now they are dividing us up into three groups.  Big Belly, Big Butt and Big All Over.  There's even a ratio BBR to measure and compare your butt to belly to see if you are a Big Butt or Big Belly.  Wouldn't that make you Big All Over?  I have no trouble deciding on the Big Butt.  And I enjoy eating vegetables and grains.  The Big Belly is a low carb, low sugar diet.  Meat and dairy and bran fiber.  I would hate having to eat meat.

It's time to select my clothes for the day and my lunch date is picking me up at 11.30.  


Jan said...

We seem to share many parallel *concerns* these days. What type of tree is that? I've been purchasing Fraser firs but this year they all seem considerly denser and I like space for ornaments to hang between branches. Considering a Balsam...any inside info on these or are they all pretty close? Must decide today or tomorrow as M will be home to help me get it up on the weekend.

Jan said...

That would be *considerably*

Diane N said...

I like your Christmas tree very much.