Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Two Chairs

I am enjoying drawing each of the chairs in my journal but there is bleed through on the pages and I am frustrated by the lack of the "correct" art supplies for filling in the chair colors and patterns.  It was fine when I was just doing an outline.  The right arm of this chair is covered in the next chair's detail.

The pattern was the main focus for this chair.  I loved the way the wavy stripe was used to upholster the chair. Perspective. And, of course, the squishy soft seat cushion which I am thinking is wrapped in down.  The blue chair is slipcovered in blue linen.

I need to locate my large set of colored pencils.  I am using the 12 pencil Prang now, because I wanted to eliminate a great deal of art supplies during the last few months (when I did very little colored pencil work).  Time to bring back the 100 pencil set.  Prismacolor.  And the Neocolor crayons.  OR  I could just move my journal down to the work room (where everything is stored in a cupboard) and have everything out littering the table top.  A great jumble of art supplies at my fingertips.  24/7.  Fascinating.  Sort of a "real" artist's work area.

G has gone to get his haircut and manicure.  He loves having his nails done (in a manly sort of way) and his hands are on display all day at the front counter of his restaurant.  So, it makes him feel more confident.  The first time I suggested a manicure he wasn't all that sure he wanted to have one.  Now, I never have them.  After years of having my nails done every 4 weeks, I have gone to clipping them as short as possible to eliminate as much dirt under the nails from work.  And, at Christmas, my hands are covered in dirt and pine pitch.

When G returns we will take Riley for his walk in the woods and then I think we will use most of a tank of $3 gas and drive to Portland and visit the art supply store, Trader Joe's if we can find a spot to park, and perhaps Whole Foods.  Because it will be cold in the car, we may just get take out from our favorite restaurant and reheat it at home.  Traveling with a dog is tricky in winter.

I started reading my new Wolfe book "The Taken"last night but my eyes got very tired at 9:30 and I fell asleep and woke at 1:30, let Riley out/in and went to bed.  I have a white load of laundry in the washer and that's about all I have done so far today.  I need to be dressed and ready to walk when G returns.  I have some red and yellow Mickey Mouse tulips I need to plant.  Special price so I just had to buy them.


gema said...


quiltcontemplation blogspot said...

nice chairs.

kathy said...

I can't wait to see what you do with 'real art supplies'! These are delightful, especially the blue. I do understand the frustration of not having what you need though, but you're the queen of making do and making beautiful...I'm thinking of your trash can art!

dee said...

I love the chairs! Wish I had the blue one. Wonderful work Joanne.
Hope you have a good day.