Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Mail

G brought home the red box filled with chocolate/peppermint Whoopie pies from the Cranberry Island gals who just won a showdown with Bobby Flay on The Food Network (the pies were a gift from his bank).  Not very good pies. Really small. Bobby's must have been terrible. The guy who cleans the carpets at the library makes a better whoopie pie. But the presentation was gorgeous.  Red box filled with red and white zigzag strips, little cello bags filled with the tiny tree shaped chocolate pies and that great ribbon.  Diane sent the super cute puppy Christmas card (such a cute little baby Riley face-kiss, kiss).  LOVE IT!!!!!  And the priority mail was my hand knit scarf from Melody.

But, I got the BEST gift at work today.  Next Thursday is my LAST DAY AT WORK IN 2010.  Yippee!!!! A few people have already had their last day (today). More will have their last day tomorrow. Four more days of complete boredom and then I can get back to super cleaning the house, cooking meals, walking the dog, reading books and, perhaps, baking bread.  And never change out of my pajamas.  Yes, I have walked the dog while still wearing pajamas.  I have a very large, very long and very heavy black coat (2X) which covers a multitude of fashion faux pas. And it covers pajamas.

I was super productive this morning before work (in comparison to other days when I pretty much do almost nothing).  I had to work on the crock pot of pork (shred it and remove icky things), add BBQ sauce and set it back to slow cooking; get dressed for work; find something to eat for lunch; fix my coffee; pack up the car (dog); drive to the supermarket to return something and buy stamps for my Christmas Cards; put stamps on cards while still in grocery parking lot; drive (and almost hit another car) to post office to mail cards: walk next door to buy French baguettes (one short one for my lunch and one long loaf for dinner); drive to doggy daycare; drive to work.  I arrived at 10 minutes to 12.  Whew. Then I watered the remainder of the greenhouse.  D had done all the points in the morning.  Wet feet.  And it was 2.30 and time for lunch.

Anyway.  Today was also pay day.  And oil delivery day at my house.  $326 for 107 gallons of oil (which barely warms up the place at all - most unused rooms are now set on 55). Plus the bandits double charged me for the furnace repair I already paid for. And they offered me a discount if I paid for my oil by December 18.  I got it today.  December 17.  Got to love em.

I was going to watch television but it's now 10.30 so I think I will join Riley and G in the 55 degree bedroom and sleep instead.

If you have a chance, read my daughter's post (Slambo) on the party pretzels she is making.  The top post is about tree lights but the next one is about the pretzels.

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Amelia Quilter said...

Glad you got your card, I could not resist sending that one to you!
Knew you would love it!