Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Beginning To Not Look Like Christmas

At work.  My boss is slowly taking down all the decorated trees and sending any "good" merchandise to the other stores.  Christmas is "ovah" at our location.  I still have plenty of Christmas in the greenhouse. This little point flower broke off the bigger plant and I "saved" it in a water pick.  "Saving" things is something my boss truly, deeply, dislikes.  But I saved this flower to share with you and to use as a model for a second poinsettia art quilt.  The first was wonderfully beautiful.  And is living in Virginia with it's owner.  I will use this image to draw a pattern for the second piece.  Can't wait to try this again.

No lights on the tree as yet.  Plenty of needles on the floor.  Riley is wagging his tail into the tree and making a mess on the floor and carpet.  I went to work today.  Yes, I know I wanted to stay home, but that work ethic so deeply beaten into me by my parents, is very hard to fight.  Work is identity. Or some such slogan.  You are your job.  How's that?

My day wasn't all that bad.  It rained.  And rained.  And the temperature outdoors was 50.  Warmer than Florida or Georgia.  Maine has now defied the odds for the 13th month (in a row) of warmer than average temperatures.  Unheard of in the weather world of statistics. Maine is now the state with the best weather. No, that isn't true. I was just testing you to see if you were paying attention.

My back is aching.  My nose was running all morning and I kept sneezing.  Who has allergies in December?  I'm going to take a shower and settle into my freshly washed pajamas.  Tomorrow is a late day into work so I should be able to make some soup in the morning.  We finally had our pizza tonight and it was good.  G is asleep with his book open in his hands.  Riley is asleep on the kitchen dog bed.  We aren't the zippiest trio.

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April said...

I am totally allergic to poinsettias. Could that be why you are sneezing? Of course I am also allergic to trees so have to have a fake one every year. Gorgeous flower though.