Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fabric Containers On Route

To the upstairs "studio/greenhouse".  Dog toys are also moving upstairs with each trip.  I took this moving experience as a chance to look inside the boxes.  Horrors!!!!  I mean really, what the hell was I thinking when I bought, stored, sorted and kitted up some of these things????  I was speechless on more that a few occasions.  Questioning my (I thought) good taste.

I know, from experience, that our taste in "stuff" changes on a seven year cycle.  Our favorite colors can sometimes change also.  I have always loved polka dots so was not surprised to find an abundance of dotted fabrics.  But I was not aware (or had forgotten) my interest in theme fabrics.  I have flowered fabric, cowboy fabric, depression era fabric, vegetable fabric, chicken fabric and DUCK fabric.  I can only conclude that these "interests" were fueled by a group enthusiasm at chapter meeting and quiltathons.  Things I no longer participate in.  I also seemed to enjoy buying felted wool.  Was I actually going to make one of those antique circle things?  Maybe?  Looks like I stored my way through two or three seven year cycles.

The non theme fabrics can all be used in the work I now do--rather abstract, but there isn't any use in keeping the themed fabric.  No grandchildren and I do not enjoy piecing so I won't be making 25 novelty children's quilts for the local Police & Fire Departments.  My friend K has three grandchildren and has had to stop making children's quilts because they don't really like them.  And they have a stack in the closet incase they change their minds.  So, I can't send the stuff to her.  She has one more baby quilt to make so I could ask if she wants fabric for that.  Ducks?

In other news: G came home last night and showed me the half a tooth piece of his molar that fell off during his lunch at work.  A nice clean break at the gumline and across the middle.  He had an emergency dental appointment at 7 this morning.  My unprofessional opinion is that he will either be getting root canal and a crown or he will be having an extraction.  50/50. This is what happens when you cancel three regular dental checkups in a row.  Bad Things.

Since he couldn't chew food without tearing up the side of his tongue on the rough edges of the break, I had to do some fancy thinking to make him something good and easy to eat. Pronto!!! I made soup.  A quickly thrown together broth of onion, garlic, chicken cubes and 2 slices of fresh ginger along with peppercorns and soy sauce.   I then found the remainder of the ingredients used in the potstitckers : baby bok choy and shitake mushrooms.  And after climbing to the top of the kitchen ladder and into the cupboard, I found some saved packets of rice noodle sticks.  I strained the stock, added the greens, noodles and mushrooms.  G liked it.  It was soothing, soft and just right.  G then went to sleep on the couch.  He hasn't been having the best month.  Thank Goodness it's almost over.

I have bills to sort out, phone calls to make regarding the purchase of a new furnace or repair of the old one.  I am continuing a dialogue with a guy interested in a fabric art piece based on a photo he took (and Photoshopped).  I have learned the hard way that commission work is nearly impossible to do successfully, especially when you have to educated the customer.  He had wanted a pieced bed quilt based on the photo.  Imagine years of work.  Not this girl.

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Hand Quilting Nana said...

Why don't you look up the nearest chapter of Project Linus? I donate my fabric that I no longer want to them and there is always someone willing to turn this fabric into cuddly quilts for kids.

I know they would appreciate getting it.