Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Secret Santa Surprises

My Secret Santa left a charming basket for me.  Two lovely mugs filled with hot chocolate mix and candy canes.  She must have heard me talking about the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha.  I also have some lovely pomegranate tea for days when I want tea and chocolate candy for any time.

The young man who received my Secret Santa yesterday provided much amusement and laughter all day as he tried to find out "who it was who knows me so well and gave me the perfect gifts".  He thought the presentation was so nice that it had to be a female.  And the little info books were on topics he had been discussing in the lunchroom (surprise to me) so he was making a list of who had been in the room.  Then he would go ask "are you my secret santa?".  I told him that we have to tell the truth.  The funniest thing, all day, was that he and I were working side by side in the greenhouse and he was conferring with me before each person was asked.  And he never directly asked me.  I know he was happy with his Clif Bars and the little books of facts (I gave him what my own bright and intelligent son loved at that age) but the BEST gift was seeing everyone at work so happy, smiling and enjoying this young man's infectious good humor.  What a joy he is to have around.  And, like all young men these days, he never stops talking and has an incredibly fertile wit.

Today is cold.  But not raining.  G and I are going to hang around locally and do some shopping, stop at the library and have a lovely lunch.  Tomorrow my car is being serviced down in Portland and we will shop the mall and have another lovely lunch.  Our very own gift to each other.  Time.  Together.  Like the song "All I want for Christmas is you".


Diane N said...

I'm glad to hear the secret Santa gifts were such a big hit and everyone was so happy. What a nice feeling that must have been!

I'm glad you and your husband are spending the time together. When all is said and done, we might remember some of the material gists we've received over the years but none touch the heart as much as special times shared with the people we love.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Paula, the quilter said...

These young men are so much fun to be around, aren't they? There is one where I work that is just a delight. Time is a wonderful thing and spending it with loved ones is priceless.

dee said...

Not possible to say it better than Diane. Glad you're getting to spend some time just being a couple.
Nothing you could buy means more than that.

The young ones are making my days brighter too.