Thursday, December 09, 2010

Another Chair

I drew this one from a Crate & Barrel advert.  And colored it in with my pencils because it seemed rather boring as just an outline and I didn't want to "imagine" any surface texture.   I am tired, cranky and tired. I have had a very hot shower and am dressed in my nice warm flannel pajamas, ready to fall asleep as soon as I stop moving.

I am a social person.  An intuitive, social person.  I work for a passive/aggressive employer with a "failure to communicate" problem.  He wanted to deal with some issues he was having with me; so he directed other employees to redo, do, or correct things I was doing without actually talking to me.  Eventually, I started asking my fellow employees if they could "see" me or had I gone invisible and turned into a figment of my own imagination.  When this happens, it's almost like a bad dream you can't wake up from.  I think I was being too efficient. I actually was thinking ahead and not waiting for him to direct me to the next task.  Oops.

Another employee spent all day Tuesday frying peanuts in the basement and at the end of the day she had told me she was going to say something to the boss about the unsanitary conditions in the basement. Today, the boss declared all the peanuts she cooked as being "bad" and they were tossed in the dumpster.  Three people, who had nothing to do with peanuts, were sent to the basement to clean.  I handed out hospital latex gloves because I am the only employee with gloves.  And then a NEW person was instructed in proper peanut frying and she had to fry peanuts the remainder of the day (I know how to fry peanuts but I was invisible today, remember?).  The boss expects (rightly so) that the four employees will complain to the original peanut fryer of the having to clean the basement, scrub the fryers and make new, replacement peanuts.  Because she did them wrong.  How's that for passive/aggressive, huh?  And tomorrow is the"Christmas" evening for the employees (on our own dime).  And that's where the "telling" will happen and she will be there expecting to have a nice evening. OMG.  I just now thought of that.

I think I have only 11 more days to work.

We got another income tax audit.  I think they have big red stickers on our file at the IRS I make so many mistakes.  This is a new mistake.  I have learned from my mistakes on the other issues but I have been expecting this one.  I knew "this" was wrong.  But I couldn't help myself.

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