Thursday, December 30, 2010

Starting Over Again

This is the eighth day of my winter unemployment and the "pajama vacation" has to end.  Because a "pajama vacation" soon morphs into Depression and I have been there, done that, and don't want to repeat that experience.  Again.  Onward.  I am dressed. Two loads of laundry done. Recycling taken to the cans in the garage.  Riley in and out several times.  Sun shining.  Blue skies.

Linda had an excellent suggestion about donating my unwanted fabric to the local Project Linus group. I emailed the chapter in my county and I just received a lovely reply.  And they pick up.  So, as soon as I have all the fabric ready to go, they will come by and get it.  And either sell it or use it for Project Linus.  I had forgotten that these good projects don't always need everyone to sew.  There have to be people who give the group materials also.

When I was part of a quilt chapter, it was always my "job" to trim and sew the donated blocks into a top.  Strange, huh?  A person who doesn't like to piece volunteering to stitch the blocks together.  I even made sashing and corner blocks.  I always was thinking good thoughts while sewing the blocks together.  Adding as much positive energy as possible to the chemo lap quilts etc.  I had forgotten that.  So, Linda, thank you for the Project Linus hint and for the memory of making quilts so many years ago.

I poached chicken yesterday and made a Chicken Carbonara for G last night.  The dentist had done a bit of work on his tooth and he is there right now having a second appointment.  G will need a crown eventually.  I think the poaching liquid combined with noodles and shredded chicken will make a nice comforting soup for G tonight.  He is so tired this week.  Chicken Soup is good for fatigue I think. I am going to have bean and rice burritos or eggplant parmesan.  I have everything necessary to make both dishes in the fridge.  Leftovers.

I may even drive the car to the grocery in an hour or so.  Get out of the house for the first time in a week. See if the local grocery has a ham for sale that is NOT spiral sliced.  And I need the stuff to make Hopping John so we have good luck in the new year.

I am enjoying the TiVoed episodes of Mad Hungry that I am recording.  Two each day.  Still have no idea why the show and book have that stupid title.  It doesn't really mean anything.  Crazy Hungry? I know it is supposed to imply that the men in her family are always really hungry but Mad Hungry?  Is that something kids say these days?

Sunday I get to apply for unemployment benefits.  Woo Hoo.  And the adventure of the employment diary begins again.  A state employee gave me some tips.  Always state on the application that I can't work evenings or weekends.  I have to make sure I don't have to "swear" on the unemployment benefits statements that I am available to work evenings and weekends.  I don't want to tell lies.  Don't fill out the application completely. G always has people apply and they don't write down their phone number  or they write down the wrong number so he can't call them.  Apply for jobs you have no experience doing.  Like paralegal and nurse?  I try to visit one or two places each week.  Usually places where I am shopping or visiting during my trips to town.  I don't like online applications.  I was going to apply with HR Block but they might discover how many times my returns have been audited.  Whoopsie.

Time to start doing something productive around the house.  Here's a picture of Riley I snapped up off my daughter's blog.
She's going to wonder how I did that.