Sunday, December 05, 2010

Why Do I Always Mess Up On The Right Side?

I drew the chair in my living room, while G vacuumed all the floors.  We've already walked the dog.  In the woods.  I painted the chair because of all the mistakes I have made on the right side chair arm.  I thought the paint might distract you.  I like the way the pillows turned out.

We had company purchased pizza for lunch yesterday.  One way of making sure no employees leave the building during a busy weekend.  A handyman came by, just in time to eat a large quantity of slices and then leave when all the "meat" pizza was gone.  Our boss invited him.  This guy bathes once a year whether he needs to or not.  I was supposed to eat lunch while he was there but waited until he had finished eating and had left the building.  Thank goodness the veggie pizza was untouched.

I spent the entire day, yesterday, standing in one spot, on cement flooring, making Holiday Boxes. My back hurts, my hip hurts, my shoulders hurt.  More of the same tomorrow.

The walk in the woods today was difficult with the uneven ground.  Riley was full of himself and ran around like crazy.  Saturday he visited with cows again on his walk with our daughter.  Another 10 minutes of watching their every Mooove.

I'm thinking it's time for lunch.  And perhaps a visit to Target.  And the tree can be brought into the house.  I need to buy new lights as the old faithful strings are no longer dependable.  I don't think a tree with two dim strings and one extra bright string (all connected) looks all that wonderful.  It looks like a fire waiting to happen.  Hopefully, we'll have tree pictures this week.  Still have laundry to fold and shirts to iron.  Wow.  My days are riveting aren't they?


Deborah Boschert said...

I hate messing with tree lights. I refuse to spend a single moment trying to find an offending bulb on a broken string.

loving your chairs! Wish we could each sit in one, have a cuppa and chat a bit.

gema said...

These chairs make me smile, so lovely!