Thursday, December 16, 2010

Better Late Than Never

The Annual Christmas Cards.  I had several ideas and they were all good but it came down to making something that worked with the photo cards I had purchased at Goodwill last year.  I stitched them to index cards last night before Survivor.  Use what you have.  My motto for 2010.

The stitches give the trees a bit of a Balsam look.  I like them.  Now to address the envelopes and buy some stamps and get them to the post office -- pronto, pronto.

I called out at work.  They wished me a happy day!  G and I were off to Honda in Portland for the Fit's oil change and check up.  We stopped at G's little McD's for breakfast a bit after 8 am and I got to meet and greet his employees and the large group of seniors who have breakfast club there several times a week.  They were exchanging Christmas cards and small gifts.  They were so happy to meet me and let me know what a great guy I married.  Then off to Honda for the oil change with magazines to read and coffee to drink while waiting.

Then the Mall.  Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Apple, Gap and Eddie Bauer etc and etc. (G met his boss and another manager outside Eddie's and they had a short manager's meeting while I browsed). I even had a Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks with whipped cream.  I bought See's candy from a push cart.  The nuts and chewies collection with a handful of caramel samples thrown in the bag because I said I loved them.  I bought a new cookbook, resisted the iPad, resisted the Cuisinart processor, resisted the 1.5 carat diamond ring (but had my diamond wedding band cleaned for free), bought striped tee shirts ((I'm crazy about stripes right now) and embarrassed G by being rude in Macy's.  I asked if a sweater was on sale and instead of answering, the clerk kept trying to sell me a Macy's card.  Finally, I said "is this on SALE?"  I guess there was an unpleasant edge to my voice that made G wince.

Late lunch at Longhorn.  Too much.  And now G has "gone to pick up the dog" but really he has gone to the phone store to get his phone upgraded to an iPhone because I said he could and he can't wait another second and needs to get it immediately.  I married a man with NO impulse control.  He CAN'T understand why I didn't want the iPad, the $280 food processor or the ring.  But I didn't.

I was just happy that all the snaps on my down winter coat snapped today.  Meaning: it fits.  At least it did before the McD's breakfast sandwich, Starbucks and Longhorn.

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dee said...

Why not get the Ipad for yourself...I'm a foul influence aren't I? A friend told me today that you can't take the Ipad out in weather under 32 degrees-in as little as a half hour it dies temporarily and then you have to hold down certain keys to bring it back to life(she called tech support). Same thing with high temps above 95(not a problem for you I'm guessing) Just a hint in case Santa is good to you.
Sounds like you had a productive day and a delicious one too.