Sunday, December 12, 2010

Post 991/1000

It is really raining here in Maine and more on the way.  I got all the ironing done (listening to Harry Connick), all the laundry is  washed & folded, I ventured out into the dark rain to buy groceries for the week and tried to find something ready made for dinner.  G had stuff from the "wing bar" and leftover rice made into fried rice.  I had lowfat tortillas filled with hummus.

I still have my annual Christmas card to design and make.  The tree needs lights and ornaments. So, I am thinking about calling out for work tomorrow and staying dry (greenhouse roof leaks) and warm here at home.  Using my step stool to hang lights.  And I need to make a large pot of soup for work lunches this week, a loaf of Artisan bread, and we'll be having pizza for dinner tomorrow (the prepared dough was frozen so we couldn't have it tonight). I also bought a huge chunk of pork on sale for more pulled pork (what we don't eat can go in the freezer for after Christmas).  Yikes!  I forgot to buy onions.

Riley came and slept on the dog bed in front of the television for about 90 minutes last night.  That's where the DVD player drawer is terrorizing him.  Baby steps on the road to recovery.

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dee said...

I did the grocery thing this morning. Tomorrow it is going to return to the low 30s. Yesterday it was 57. Weird weather. Very gloomy as well. Not helping my mood. No tree this year but I bought myself a huge pointsettia to brighten the place a little.