Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joanne's Dilemma

Spelled wrong in the diagram but you get the idea.  I am in the process of moving my fabric from Space A to Space B.  Simple enough.  Only there are bits and pieces of Space B's previous occupant (G's office) still all around Space B plus all my green foliage plants are up there. Taking up room I want to fill with Space A stuff.  Now I have come to the time and place in this project when I have to start moving the unwanted items in Space B to a still unnamed Space C (I think it is safe to assume this will be either G's new office or the attic).  Which isn't empty.  The dumpster is beginning to look like a Golden Idea.

Whenever I get the stuff I really and truly want from Space A moved to Space B, there will be bits and pieces that remain in Space A.  I can see why Hoarders can never clean up their households.  They have no Space B.  Nowhere to move anything.

I will be taking a garbage bag or two upstairs (Space B) in the next hour or so.  I will also remove the jumble of things that G has stuffed into the fabric closet (over to the side; in the dark depths of the closet): empty hangers, framed art, clocks that don't work, an accordion, clothes no one wears etc.  Those items will either go into the garbage bags or into the attic storage which is a Deep Well of Life's Mementos.  Some of it still in sealed boxes from 1988.  I will need to put on winter gear to work in the attic.  I am truly my father's daughter.  Remember the 3 cubic yards of clutter I cleared out of his house in three days?  Three cubic yards is a lot.  A big dumpster.  And it was full.  Plus three truckloads to Goodwill and another to the Food Pantry.

I worked on this moving project exactly one hour yesterday.  I took a break (big mistake) and never returned to the project.  Today, I have to make more of an effort and perhaps even get dressed in something besides pajamas.  Even wear shoes.  Be professional.

It took me so long to wake up today ( I lay in bed wondering how many days I had been away from work) (5) and get going that I had lunch for breakfast.  Leftover rice, avocado and cheese on a Smart Tortilla.  Squeeze of lime and some raw onion.  Now I am ready to face the day.  Sort of.  Not really.

I think I need a motivational pep talk.  But the only sound I hear (in my head) is "I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna". Maybe I should call work and ask my boss to say "Hey, Joanie I have a project for you --go clean out the attic -- make it sparkle".


Unknown said...

My Comment: "Hey, Joanie I have a project for you --go clean out the attic -- make it sparkle"
Does that help?

Deborah Boschert said...

I'm trying to imagine Helen's British accent. I think that would help motivate me.

Joanne S said...

Helen has since threatened me with bodily harm via the rotary cutter which I am very afraid of. I have now added four paper carry bags (starting to use British words) to the Spindelworks pile (handicapped art co op) and sorted and filled a very large garbage bag with junk from my fabric wastebin.

That joins the 8 large plastic storage tubs which I carried upstairs. About 10 square feet of bare carpet and the rest of the room resembles a bomb site. Helen thinks this is progress.