Sunday, December 26, 2010

Can You See What I See?

Riley and his new Christmas Toy, Spot, are waiting for the "Big Storm" to arrive with lots and lots of snow.  Later today, I think.  I finally made cookies yesterday afternoon after Sam, G, Riley and I took a lovely walk in the woods before lunch.  I made Oatmeal Apricot Almond cookies and Snickerdoodles. We also have the Pumpkin Cheesecake with whipped cream.  The desserts all came out nicely but the main dishes: not so good.

The potstickers weren't the best I had ever made.  The dough was very nice though.  And the vinegary sauce.  Yesterday's Christmas Burritos were not improved by the Angus beef or the preshredded cheese.  And I overcooked the rice.  I don't eat the beef and usually have a rice burrito.  So everyone was disappointed. My daughter's cheese pierogi were excellent and I think she came by at 7 am this morning to take them home for breakfast.  Forgot them last evening.  G, Riley and I will be walking in the woods again today and looking for Sam's missing glove.  We need to walk before the snow starts falling.  And I need to think about making something most excellent for lunch to end the holiday on a high note.

We exchanged a few small gifts, played a new dice game (no Scrabble) and G and I watched Pride and Prejudice until bedtime.  I love that movie with Keira Knightly.  I really should buy a copy.  In fact, I could watch Jane Austen every Christmas.  I moved the dog bed when I vacuumed (on Christmas Day) and didn't put it back in the usual spot.  I had it over next to the couch but not in front of the television. That must have been okay with Riley's fear of the DVD drawer because he came into the room, looked around and then lay down on the dog bed and he STAYED there, asleep, while we watched the movie.  My Christmas Wish was that he would come back to sleeping by us and stop being afraid of the DVD drawer opening.  Not what it was before, but much better than him alone in the kitchen.

I am having cookies and coffee for breakfast, thinking about how I want to spend the day (not shopping), noticed the Colorplay reveal is not until January 12 which is good since I haven't even begun to think of a design.  I have new watercolor crayons to experiment with (my daughter's gift) and a Wallander book to read.  Sounds like a wonderful Sunday.  No getting up at 6.18 on Monday for work, either.  Let it Snow!!!


April said...

My cookies also came out great but my sheperd's pie failed. The mashed potatoes turned soupy. Ah well, the taste was pretty good.

Joanne S said...

I remember times when no matter how long I boiled potatoes, they never got soft and other times, like yours, when they were too watery. Life's mysteries.

It's 18 degrees and we are getting bundled up for the dog walk. OMG. It's cold.

Unknown said...

Funny - I was born at 6:18 -it always surprises me to see that time either on a clock or somewhere else like your blog! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!