Sunday, December 12, 2010

Final Line Drawing

My handy step ladder/chair.  This is also the source of many accidents as I tend to forget that I am standing on one of the steps and just "walk backwards" off the thing.  Landing hard.  The drawing has none of the charm of dents and splattered, dry latex paint.  I've had this item for many years and I always have it close to hand here in the kitchen with it's high cupboards and deep shelves.  Never know what food items are hidden in the deep recesses and of course the lids to plastic food storage containers tend to shuffle towards the back of the cupboards.

My hours for next week have been reduced.  Still five days.  And I called payroll and argued and finally received holiday pay for Thanksgiving.  And, as an added bonus to all the aggravation, I now have 24 sick day hours.

I took extra clothes and dry socks to work on Saturday and didn't need any of it since it got up to 48 during the sunny part of the day and because that is warm in comparison to the morning temperature of 5, I was very warm in shirt sleeves. I also had a lovely "high carb/big butt" lunch of tomato pasta.  The day had all the makings of a nightmare but then we got busy and our boss became cheerful.  Today isn't going to be very happy.  Cold and rain.  One more shopping week till Christmas.

The boss has spoken of closing the greenhouse and of me coming in to work "occasionally" on Saturdays.  Happy Dance.  Really.  Happy, happy dancing!!!!  My nightmare was having to work all winter.  The downside is the unemployment work diary.

I have the second load of laundry in the washer, many many shirts to iron (I think with my little CD player loaded with some Christmas tunes), the bathroom has been sprayed and wiped down (with new shower curtain installed), I am supposed to do some grocery shopping but the rain is coming down pretty hard right now so I may wait a bit and then go.  I grilled chicken on the Panini Grill last night and it wasn't what I expected.  In order to get it brown I also got it dry.  G had to eat it all.  I had steamed broccoli and a cheese rice risotto.  Hard cheeses, so it fit the big butt diet.

What shall I draw now that chairs are done.  Terry has done a lovely pine cone.  Any suggestions?


gema said...

I smiled when I saw this step ladder because it looks exactly like the one in my kitchen. My frame is straighter and both steps are the same width.

How about line drawings of people working at various at your workplace.

Terry Grant said...

I have that same step stool too. Maybe you should draw a pine cone. And I could draw a chair!