Monday, August 01, 2022

Field Notes- While the Sprinklers water the Peach Trees. Another hot and humid day.

 Got these from the blog Something in my sidebar.  Several pairs of jeans with vastly different patches. I liked the little red mends on the left side.

I don't remember what I ate yesterday.  If anything.  Some toast. The tiny strawberry sundae. Ick.

Today I have honey yogurt, Bran Buds and big Fat Blueberries.  And I am changing the bedsheets. I did laundry yesterday and will do the bedsheets later today.  While I read.  I do write in the Washing Machine Pages but have very little to say as I am only talking to myself and myself is living a very very boring Life just now.

I finished Eligible and returned it to the library.  I am now reading Ashley Poston's The Dead Romantics. The daughter of a Funeral Home Owner can see and talk to ghosts.  She "ghost writes" books for a famous romance writer but has writer's block and can't finish the book she is working on.  Her new editor is a very handsome guy and they are very attracted to each other.  Her father dies and she goes home- the guy follows her- but he's now a ghost.  He was hit by a car the night she met him.  They spend lots of time together.  This is the strangest rom-com that I have ever read. And that is saying something..... the author of a very strange one with cross dressing guys and a woman stuck on the subway for 30 years- that author is mentioned in this book several times.  I need to go back and find her name. Mc Quis...something.

Nothing to do with Jane Austin.

Wednesday I am going out on a health risk limb......Annual Birthday Lunch with my friend.  In a restaurant.  She works at the greenhouse and temps in the big glass house have been well over 100 for days now.  I remember what that was like.  Like baking in an oven.  So...she asked for air conditioning. How could I refuse.  The Impasta.  I think I will get the Eggplant Parm.  Tiramisu for dessert.  The Manicotti is excellent as well.  I will get a take away Chicken Parm for husband.  Wednesday.  A date.

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